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  1. rapaul76

    Anyone try the new Fender Bassbreaker 15 at NAMM

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try one or hear it live at NAMM? What are the cleans like?
  2. rapaul76

    NPD & new board

    I was looking for a high gain pedal, without going over the top, and I fell in love with the Bogner Uberscall. My pedal collection started to increase so I decided to FINALLY get a pedal board and ended up with the PedalTrain PT-1 with a hard shell case. My pedal order is: Slash SC95 Cry...
  3. rapaul76

    Has anyone tried a Tone City Golden Plexi

    Sounds and looks like a cheaper alternative to the Carl Martin Plexitone. I read one review that says they are much better made than other Chinese alternatives. Anyone!
  4. rapaul76

    Npd x 2

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered the Weehbo JCM Drive Limited Anniversary Edition pedal and it finally came in today. This pedal is a limited edition (only 100) and are hand made in Germany. I watched a couple of youtube videos when looking for a Marshall-in-a-box pedal and was hooked. The...
  5. rapaul76

    Nad & npd x2

    I'm just getting around to posting now after having them for a couple of weeks. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics! A while back I purchased a Marshall SL5 and didn't like it. I found it to have overly pronounced mids and highs with absolutely no low end. To me it sounded like it was covered...
  6. rapaul76

    New Amp Help - Mesa Boogie

    I recently bought and returned a Marshall SL5 because I wasn't happy with it. I thought "that" sound was what I wanted but it had too much treble and mids for my liking (of course it's a Slash signature...dummy). After careful consideration, I want a tube amp that offers versatility...
  7. rapaul76

    NAD! SL5....don't like it

    Hi all, I've been GASing for a Marshall SL5 since they came out. :slash: I really like Slash (not going to deny it...but, he's not my favorite player), a 5 watt all tube combo and a Marshall to top it off. Seemed perfect to my thinking. I ended up buying one last week and got it on Tuesday...
  8. rapaul76

    Traynor YCV50 question

    Anyone have a Traynor YCV50 112 combo or have experience with this amp? The specs look like it will sound kind of like a Marshall (which is the tone I'm going for...although maybe not exactly). What's the bottom end like? I really like the auto biasing, dual channel with EQ controls for each...
  9. rapaul76

    NGD with pics

    Finally getting a chance to share and provide pics. Picked up a Les Paul 60s Tribute in ebony from AMS for $729 during the year end blow out. I've always loved the look of ebony LPs and really liked a more subdued matte finish. The neck is super smooth and the 60s profile is definitely my...
  10. rapaul76

    Poor Man's Slash Rosso Corsa

    While I like Slash, I'm not a "fanboy". However, I do really like the looks of the Rosso Corsa model. So, with that in mind I modified my Studio Faded. While it is a plain top, doesn't have reflector knobs and doesn't have any binding, it's as close as I'm going to get. Sorry for the sh!tty...
  11. rapaul76

    2013 Les Paul 60's Tribute...opinions please!

    I'm seriously GASing for a 60's Tribute in Ebony (Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute - Ebony Vintage Gloss | Has anyone tried these? What is the finish like? Is it like a satin or something halfway between satin and gloss? Any other comments about it? Someone has made me an offer...
  12. rapaul76

    NGD!!! Pic Heavy!

    I've been saving for a while and finally pulled the trigger last week. Here's my Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II. I'm really happy with the subtle flame top and love the 60's neck. Big time weight difference between my chambered Les Paul Studio Faded...but that's to be expected. Just got...
  13. rapaul76

    Anyone have a Traditional Pro II

    Hi all, I'm close to buying a new Les Paul and I'm really interested in the Trad Pro II because it has a 60's neck, satin finish, 57 pickups etc. Not overly keen on the 10 db boost and coil split, but I'll probably put a new 50's wiring harness in anyway. Does anyone have one of these...
  14. rapaul76

    Super Champ XD problems

    Hi everyone, Lately I've noticed that when I play on any voice on channel 2 that my notes do not sustain for very long, start to get a sort of tremolo effect (effects are turned off via footswitch) then fizz out. I do not have this problem on channel 1. I've tried this on my Strat and Les...

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