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  1. NRBQ

    Man who lost penis has new one growing on his arm!

    Remember, a dick on an arm is worth two in the bush. I don't even know what that means.
  2. NRBQ

    Man who lost penis has new one growing on his arm!

    I surely would like to see that angry.
  3. NRBQ

    Hey let's talk about wristwatches ok?

    Well it could be worse, at least you don't have to drop your pants and sing I'm A Lumberjack and I'm OK, that would be worse. Thanks Karen.
  4. NRBQ

    Hey let's talk about wristwatches ok?

  5. NRBQ

    Hey let's talk about wristwatches ok?

    There really is no reason other than collecting them to have a wristwatch. And the reason is that everyone carries a pocket watch with them every day, also known as a cell phone and that's enough for me.
  6. NRBQ

    Out of the loop, I have no idea what TikTok is.

    I may be the only person on earth that doesn't know what it is, all I know is it's mentioned in articles and peoples posts on the intranets. I know some are trying to ban it, some seem to love it, and it has something to do with the Chinese. So if you want fill me or anyone else like me in on...
  7. NRBQ

    Tit for Tat...

    Damn I had to sit thru that sh*t and I didn't even see one nipple.
  8. NRBQ

    Revisited "Some Kind of Monster" last night.... yeesh.

    You know who Lars looks like?
  9. NRBQ

    Happy Birthday Bugs

    Big fan of Bugs, total wise ass, trouble maker, make you look stupid over and over again. Really who else could take a furry monster and put him in makeup and curls.
  10. NRBQ

    Jilted lover walks in on cheating husband, smashes his guitar

    Years ago back in High School I had a good friend that was moving and we had a big party at his house to send him off in style. So during the party I walked upstairs and unexpectedly found one of our friends trying to steal a bunch of my buddies records. He had set them down at the door and was...
  11. NRBQ

    2020 baseball

    Watched the Mets strand runner after runner on base last night, at least they're good at something. When you're a Jets/Mets fan you already pretty much know what to expect in those crucial moments.
  12. NRBQ

    Hendrix timing

  13. NRBQ

    Hendrix timing

    Fake News!
  14. NRBQ

    Hendrix timing

    Yeah, we're insubordination personified, unfettered by tempo or key, with a bad attitude and bad breath to go along with it. Who the hell would ever choose to be a drummer, yeah sign me up to be poor and never get laid. I got sucked into the deal before I realized if you want to get the girl...
  15. NRBQ

    Morning Has Broken

    That's beautiful, a wonderful lake, a boat and dock, and even a hammock.
  16. NRBQ

    Hendrix timing

    When I play with a group on drums I always make sure to speed up and slow down during songs just to piss people off, cause I'm an asshole.
  17. NRBQ

    Hendrix timing

    Hey Mo, a where you goin that pie on your face. Why I oughta....Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.

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