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    What’s a good “under the board” buffer?

    Creation Audio Labs Redeemer is excellent and small enough to put in a small project box, or install in a guitar.
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    Consistently good humbuckers.

    WCR, Motor City pickups and Rio Grande have all provided excellent pickups!
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    Does anybody truely like the 490R 498T pickup combo?

    they're not Terrible pickups, but there are many superior options imo.
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    What Operating Systems Do Most Recording Studios Use?

    IME most pro studios use Mac. There are much more cost effective routes to go, if building a commercial studio is not your goal.
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    Refret a '94 Standard

    How much fret you loose in the level will depend on how well the fingerboard was prepped prior to the re-fret. I'd go with higher stainless steel frets, but that's just me.
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    Help me to get a tight "progressive metal" distorted tone.

    You'll have a hard time with the amp you currently have. If you're really looking to get that tone, I'd get an amp more suited to those tones. Peavey XXX is hard to beat for the money. If money's not an issue I'd look at Bogner uberschall's or a Diezel Herbert. done.
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    I've got a set of Motor City Detroiter's in my Epi paul. they're great! I'm surprised they aren't more popular here.
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    Which one should I get? Rosso Corsa vs 100th anniversary custom

    of the 3 you've listed, I'd go with a used Gibson. I like Epi's, but those prices seem high for an Epi imo.
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    Tuning Issues from Hell

    Been there. What helped for me was, having a bone nut installed by an excellent luthier and I installed a String Butler. this item is cheap and causes the strings to go straight through the nut. No permanent modification is needed.
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    Kramer Stagemaster Deluxe 1 worth?

    I had one back in the day. Great guitars! It was Kramers answer to the Jackson Soloist. What you're getting at Ebay seems a bit high.
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    57 classic's aren't bad, but there's much better out there imo. I have a WCR Icebucker set and they are great! Also really like Motorcity Pickups.
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    Songs for UniVibe

    I recently picked up a Moen Shaky Jimi and am very happy with it! Could not justify the cost of most vibes. I'm a big Robin Trower fan, so any of his songs are great for vibe. Bridge of sighs, Too Rolling Stoned etc...
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    The Best Isolated Pedal Power Supply

    Just picked up a T Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon. It's the only one I could find that had both DC and AC outputs. Works great!
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    Well Looks Like Henry Has Finally Figured Out He Screwed Up

    There's a reason Gibson is among the most hated employer's in the US.
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    Noise gate for Preamp

    a gate in front of the amp will help some, but you would really need one in the effects loop to make a huge difference. A serial loop would make it easier to deal with.
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    The ONE modulation effect you can't do without

    FYI. delay is not a modulation effect.
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    Would You Buy This Guitar?

    The condition wouldn't scare me off. If I wanted something to look at, I'd get a PRS!
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    Your favourite Amps and Why?

    Diezel Herbert. If you've not tried one, then you're missing out. SUPER over the top high gain, which is what Diezel is know for. The clean and medium gain channels are also very good. the build quality is absolutely top notch! IMO the best multi-channel amp in production.
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    Marshall DSL40c is it worth upgrading

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