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    NDGD (New Damaged Guitar Day) - Return or Keep with Discount?

    oh jeez.....much ado about nothing if you ask me. If people want to return new guitars becuz of cracks like this I don't blame them. But virtually every painted Gibson gets these at some point in their life. Look an an LPC that is years old. Those type finish cracks will be all up and don the...
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    Anybody who has ordered from Japan. Customs Question

    Seriously? You can't find the contact seller option? Or try the email address your paypal payment went to? None of this is hidden. You are definitely not good at ebay.
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    Is this a vintage Gibson bridge??

    Not an expert but the vinyl saddles alone put it at a late 60s early 70s bridge. Not the motherload but worth something maybe
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    Good price on les paul standard

    It should look 100% real. So read a bit on it.
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    1972 Les Paul?

    Terrible Chinese fake that it looks like someone has purposely tried to make look a little "vintage".
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    Help identifying an odd flame top Norlin

    that they idea of someone making a fake Gibson back then is sort of silly. With a totally perfect Gibson serial number to boot...just make no sense...but nevermind that.
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    Has time mellowed your feelings?

    I wouldn't call it that. Silly marketing badging has been done before.
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    USPS won't pay my insurance claim

    in my experience if it shows as delivered then it was delivered and YOU are off the hook. For all you know he is making stuff up. Used to be you could contact a few of the buyers former business partners and ask if they had a similar problem (ebay has "fixed" this problem I think)...
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    Have your MLP Habits Changed Since the Demise of the "Like" Button?

    Like button or no MLP is usually total and complete waste of time. Anyone posting over once a day might well need a shrink.
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    any of you folks wear contact lenses?

    I have worn contact for 40 years. I can take then in and out in seconds. Never used a mirror. Here is my advice: Don't use a mirror. Make sure your eyes are dry and as wide open as you can get them. Make sure the fingers holding the contact are dry. Otherwise it will stick to your fingers...
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    How to tell the difference between classic and reissue

    What do you think an Xray would reveal? Been a while since I boned up on this but a "prehistoric" reissue from that time and a classic are often exact same guitar. They were built with the same woods, same line, same people etc but the nicer tops got the Reissue designation and different...
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    Why can't I sell on Reverb anymore?

    If you don't have great feedback etc...and lots of it you are going to get significantly less...none of that matters these is dead
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    Why can't I sell on Reverb anymore?

    Fact is the market for guitars has crashed. Nobody wants to pay for anything. I am all but out of business after 10 years of dominating ebay. Things I have left are priced way less than they would have sold for in minutes a few years ago. And it only seems to get worse.
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    Medallion for Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue VOS?

    :hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper: A perfectly good guitar ruined by a small piece of marketing hype completely unrelated to how a guitar is built, plays or sounds. A horror. just kidding FYI these didn't always come with this piece of silliness. Depending on the year there is a very good...
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    Routed my 71

    30 years to late :shock::facepalm:
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    Just Posted 100001. Do I Get A Watch?

    you have my pity
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    Nitro 'check' around Strap Button

    but this is the stupid thread I have ever seen.
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    Is this the real deal ?

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    new guitar, would you send it back?

    1) I see a new thread about some supposed problems with a new guitar. :hmm: 2) I immediately know it is some new user...and when I check the thread I see I am right. Just joined.:slash: 3) Newb describes stuff that is barely an issue in the eyes of most of the folks responding. Basically...

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