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  1. mcphaul

    Lovepedal HP Tweed Twin & Les Lius, Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe

    As the title says, I've got 2 Lovepedal tweeds and a Micro Vibe for sale. All 3 are listed on Reverb but I'm willing to work with members if anyone is interested. I'm between Atlanta and Augusta so I'm willing to meet in Atlanta, Augusta or Athens GA for local sales...
  2. mcphaul

    They're back

    Kansas wsa back for a few days geetting ready for their upcoming album sessions. We cant wait! They posted this pic on their facebook page so I guess it's ok to post here.
  3. mcphaul

    FS/FT Gibson Custom Shop R7 Goldtop Darkback $2600

    This is a 2007 Gibson Custom Shop R7 '57 reissue Goldtop with a Dark Back. It comes with the original hardshell case. This is a great guitar that I've had for years. I got it on a gear trade and I don't have a COA, but that's not all that uncommon. It has been used for a lot of recording...
  4. mcphaul

    Tuners for a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe

    I originally posted this in the Norlin sub-forum but didn't get any helpful responses. Sorry I know this isn't for Norlins but this sub-forum seems to have the most knowledgeable people. I bought a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe on this site some time ago and I'd like to replace the tuners. The...
  5. mcphaul

    Tuners to fit a '72 Les Paul

    I've got a '72 that I'd like to put a new set of tuners on. The originals work fine but feel like they have seen a lot of use. I'd like to replace them with a new set without any damage to the guitar. What will fit as a drop in without any new holes? Thanks, Will
  6. mcphaul

    Kendrick 10" Blackframe Speaker (pair)

    Kendrick makes a great line of amps now but really became known for repairing and reproducing old Fender amps. They had to have their own speakers to use in repair and for those amps. This is a pair of their 10" Blackframe speakers. They are voiced perfectly for Fender amps but work well for...
  7. mcphaul

    2005 Gibson Advanced Jumbo

    So I finally bought my first acoustic guitar. I came across a 2005 AJ on Reverb and couldn't resist it. I just sold a Marshall Bluesbreaker so I had a little cash. I payed for it on Wednesday, it arrived on Friday and I was using it on a session on Saturday. The artist loved it. It sounds...
  8. mcphaul

    Marshall Bluesbreaker reissue

    It's time to let my Bluesbreaker go. I'm the original owner and had it modded by a friend and local amp builder. It's never been gigged but has spent a lot of time at the studio. This Bluesbreaker reissiue was upgraded to Mercury Magnetics transformers. It has had the tremelo taken out of...
  9. mcphaul

    Kendrick 118 (Tweed Champ)

    Up for sale is my Kendrick 118 tweed champ clone. This is a great amp but I just am not playing enough to keep it. I'm the original owner and it's mainly been used at my home or Real 2 Reel Studio's where I work. A friend of mine has gigged it a couple of times as a harmonica amp. Most...
  10. mcphaul

    Pedal Board bag

    I've been putting together a pedal board and needed a bag/case to transport it in and have been blown away at some of the prices. I bought a wooden board and not the Pedaltrain so mine didn't come with a case and Pedaltrain won't sell the bag seperatly. The guy I bought mine from offered a...
  11. mcphaul

    Pedal order problem solver

    I've been putting together my pedal board and reading lots lately about pedal order and fuzz pedals. I ran into an issue of pedal order, I knew that a loop pedal was the fix but I didn't see much that was as basic as I needed. The only loops I really saw in the pedal board threads were WAY more...
  12. mcphaul

    Pedal Board Jack Issues I've just bought a new pedal board and I'm having a strange problem with the output jack. It drops the output from my pedal chain by 3db except if I use either of the last 2 pedals (Voodoo Lab - Micro Vibe / TC Flashback). If I use either of them it...
  13. mcphaul

    Tracking Barry Richman

    I didn't realize that Paul posted this before. Damn Barry can play.
  14. mcphaul

    Kansas Guitar Auction

    Before they left the studio Kansas brought in a Custom Leftoverture PRS for Richard to play and mentioned that it was going to be auctioned to raise funds for Autism Research. I asked them to forward me information on the auction once it was decided and I'd post it up here. Mods: please feel...
  15. mcphaul

    Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz pedal

    I bought this pedal new, years ago. I'm not really using fuzz pedals right now, so it's time to let this one go. It's got a few marks on it but for it's age it's in great shape. Great fuzz and/or clean boost. $225.00 and free shipping in the Con. US. Thanks
  16. mcphaul

    New Kansas album

    They are tracking now and it really sounds great. Some pretty heavy guitars going on. Richard is playing PRS not Les Paul but it sounds great.
  17. mcphaul

    Richman Williams and Moore session

    This a from my session last week. We tracked for several days and got 16 songs recorded. The audio is not mixed. It was recorded in the control room and is just our mains playing as I tracked. The players are: Barry Richman - guitar Marcus...
  18. mcphaul

    Volume pot seize

    I'm not sure what sub-forum to post this in, it's in a vintage guitar, so.... Mods, feel free to move it to wherever you think best. I have a '67 335 that the neck volume pot has frozen on. It happened within the last week and without warning. I handed it to a client and it was bad. What...
  19. mcphaul

    New Kansas album being started

    I posted in the Recording Studio last time they were through but it seems that more Kansas fans are over here. Anyhow, Kansas is in the studio this week working up the first song...
  20. mcphaul

    Session Time's next episode

    We finally got the next episode up. This is the pre-production and drum tracking episode. It's based on the "following a song from pre-production through completion" concept, but ended up being more of a home studio and pro-studio integration episode. You'll see the same song with bass...

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