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  1. Nilitara

    Struggling with pull offs guys!!

    Hi all Been playing about 4yrs or so, but still finding pull offs tough!! I feel that without this technique been nailed im plateauing. I know exactly what I'm doing but can't see how I can I can conquer it. I can't seem to keep my anchor fretted finger still and don't seem to get enough...
  2. Nilitara

    NGD Johnny Marr Jag

    Hi All A huge Johnny Marr fan here, probably the first guitarist that grabbed my attention as a teenager, Picked up this on Tues, simply stunning,
  3. Nilitara

    Been away a while, is 2016 a year of change?

    Hi all Not visited the site in a while so I was hoping a few fellow members can fill me in on the 2016 line up?. Am I correct in thinking that Gibson have seen sense and ditched that ugly case, lost the brass nut, thrown the G farce into the bin, and let the great man himself Mr Les Paul not...
  4. Nilitara

    Best position for TC polytune 2?

    Hi all My good wife has got me one of these for Christmas and was wondering where would be the best place to fit it in my set-up? Currently running this, guitar straight into my Jcm 900, effects loop send from amp to MXR noise clamp input> Send from noise clamp to Wah>compressor>Boss...
  5. Nilitara

    The Jesus & Mary chain...anybody?

    Unsure if you guys across the pond are familiar with this 80's British Indie group..but these guys defined me musically. Waited 30yrs to see them.. But have finally managed to get hold of. Ticket for next years tour!! The Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Nilitara

    Going to the Rivals sons

    Looking forward to this one, really digging their latest offering. A great band IMO
  7. Nilitara

    No longer an NFL Virgin!

    Hi all My wife & I caught our very first NFL game/experience yesterday, & both thoroughly enjoyed it. I was leaning towards the Lions before the game, and after seeing them fight back from 21 to 0, to win the game in the last 4 secs, well I can now say the Lions are my team! We are both...
  8. Nilitara

    Anyone here own a Nick Valensi Riviera?

    Hi all A massive Strokes fan here, for some reason I totally missed this guitar, slipped straight under my radar! I will definitely try & source one someday. To those...if any! Who do own them, how are you finding them. Some pics would be great!! Nige
  9. Nilitara

    Hey Guy's, look what arrived thru my letterbox this morning

    Had these ordered months ago, My wife & I are really looking forward to this. Our first ever NFL game! Both neutrals but think I'm gonna be shouting for the Lions. Nige
  10. Nilitara

    Correct me please if I'm wrong but?

    So guys Just checked out the new 2015 range and I'm in shock. Am I correct in thinking that that monstrosity on the headstock "G Farce" is to be fitted to the new 2015 Trads as standard? Or is it an option? If it is what I'm assuming Standard, then what Hell are Gibson playing at? For a...
  11. Nilitara

    Slash rossa corsa available to pre order

    Hi guys My monthly guitar mag had a review of this today and have since found out it's available for pre order here in the UK. Quite surprised at the price £679 or $1109 pricy I think, just wondering is anyone looking at buying one of these? I'm unsure how many are been planned but, I can...
  12. Nilitara

    Gary Moore 2013 Standard, anyone carried out the Peter Green magnet flip?

    Hi all Seems to me that doing the PG mod and flipping the magnet, is IMO what Gibson should have done as factory spec...especially as they reversed the neck pup to imitate this. I'm planning on a restring & fretboard clean on mine in the next few days & am considering carrying out the magnet...
  13. Nilitara

    T+ top hats..anyone fitted them?

    Hi all Just wondering in any members with Black cherry T+'s have fitted top hats. Love my T+ to bits but have never liked the speed dials. Any pics of you upgrades would be great no matter what the colour. I'm favouring gold with silver tops at the minute.
  14. Nilitara

    2013 Gary Moore LP owners..Anyone removed the pup covers?

    Hi all Just wondering if any owners have? If so what colour are the bobbins?, considering removing mine. Any pics from you guys?
  15. Nilitara

    T+ Bridge pup query?

    Hi all I picked up my T+ a few months back now, and it rocks! However I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I've carried out no set up whatsoever as it plays great, now here's the "But" The bridge pup just doesn't look right to me? It's not loose but as you can see in the pics...
  16. Nilitara

    Sometimes less is more

    Hi all I've been suffering from back ache the last few weeks, and as a result my playing has been a little here, a little there. I've found due to the pain I've been enduring, I've totally bypassed my main Marshall jcm 900 and my pedal board. For convenience sake, to simply flick...
  17. Nilitara

    Breaking news Michael Schumacher out of hospital and out of coma

    News just released by the bbc, family say he's left hospital & is no longer in a coma. Great news to hear.
  18. Nilitara

    Any US Depeche mode appreciaters?

    Man forgot how good this band is, caught them live way back in 86! Still going strong. Probably not everyone's cup of tea but certainly one of mine. Depeche Mode - I Feel You (Remastered Video) - YouTube
  19. Nilitara

    Black keys anyone?

    Hi all I know there've been around a bit now, but only the last year or so I've kinda gotten into them. Just wondering if any of you guys have seen them live? I've the chance to catch them at the "Latitude festival" here in the UK in July.
  20. Nilitara

    New Tattoo day tomorrow!

    Hi all Just thought I'd share my excitement for tomorrow, My first one! Pics to follow

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