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    Aftermarket Humbuckers Suggestions

    Real Talk!
  2. J

    498t ?

    It’s a great pickup! My 94 Standard came with the 490/498 Combo and I always thought about changing the 498 for something a little less hot! But the facts are that I was gigging the 94 and a 79 Custom with T-Tops and to tell you the truth...the 498 was a Superior pickup IMO! Those who tell you...
  3. J

    Who Else Likes to Play Unplugged?

    When I’m looking to purchase a new guitar I always play it unplugged for a while before plugging it in! If I do plug in a potential new can bet it plays great and has a very good acoustic sound.
  4. J

    I Couldn't Part With Her

    Good for you, Congrats on the new guitar....and keeping the old one. You did the right thing!
  5. J

    NGD: '60s Standard Unburst

  6. J

    What pickups are on your "to do" list?

    Dimarzio 59 Set.
  7. J

    R9 quartet

    They’re all Gorgeous!
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    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    If it ticks all the boxes.....One! I had up to five Quality Les Pauls in rotation for 15 years. Over the last Seven to Eight years I’ve down sized to One. I found that for me personally, my #1 got 90% of the play time with the others seeing little to no play time. It was hard to slowly let...
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    Opinions needed - first time Les Paul buyer

    First off...Happy early Birthday! Like many here, I’ve owned way too many guitars throughout my life! Probably in the neighborhood of forty five or fifty! I now own less than a handful. Let me offer you this....Go play as many different guitars as you can get your hands on, and be very...
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    Opinions please: selling a Les Paul that needs a re-fret

    Ae you selling locally or online? If locally I’d offer it fully disclosed as you have here and see what type of feedback you get on it. If you’re selling online, use your best judgment, but be ready to refund someone if you’re gonna stand behind the guitar. I personally wouldn’t buy a guitar...
  11. J

    N.G.D. Boogie Van

    Love it! Congrats on the new guitar, it’s amazingly good looking.
  12. J

    Ghost Winders Pickups?

    That’s a Possibility! There are way too many great affordable options available to deal with a Virgil Arlo wannabe! Lol....
  13. J

    Ghost Winders Pickups?

    I see their Pickups on eBay last night for the first time. I found their website earlier and think it looks a little shady or very poorly done. Either way, as you mentioned with no specific models or transparency I’ll have to pass!
  14. J

    Ghost Winders Pickups?

    I haven’t either and won’t waste money on the
  15. J

    Ghost Winders Pickups?

    Well being this has been viewed with no response...I’m going to assume they’re probably not worth taking a chance on,lol.
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    Most Underrated Pickups

    Went out for dinner the other night and noticed they had a band getting ready to start. Stuck around and had a couple drinks and listened for their first set and was blown away by the tones their lead player was getting. He had a Les Paul going through a Peavey Classic 30. When they took their...
  17. J

    Tele pickups

    I have a Tele that sounds fantastic and it’s loaded with Dimarzio True Velvets. Excellent clean tones and they love dirt!
  18. J

    Ghost Winders Pickups?

    Has anyone ever heard of these guys or have any experience with them? GHOST WINDERS USA CUSTOM SHOP ALNICO 5 HUMBUCKER PICKUPS, FITS GIBSON, LES PAUL

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