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    Japanese SG

    I'm feeling an SG itch but not really wanting to drop 2K for a Gibson. Does anybody else make an SG with a 60s neck profile?
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    Bacchus BLP-CTM Pot shaft length

    Can anyone confirm that long shaft pots will work? Its a carved top
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    Best place to buy Bourns Pots

    I think I want to give them a try. I've always used CTS. Where is the best place to get them and which long shaft one is the best option? 500K audio taper obviously but it looks like theres a few different ones. Thanks!
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    Gibson quick connect pickup question

    So one of the push/push pots on my Trad Pro II has taken a dive. It seems near worthless to try and source and replace it on the PCB. So I'm just going to throw some CTS pots in and wire it as humbucker. So if I've read correctly after cutting the connector, the green and white go together...
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    Bacchus truss rod wrench size

    I have a Bacchus BLP-CTM and need to get a truss rod wrench for it. It has a brass nut not an allen type truss rod. I'm at work so I can't check it and want to order something and need the size. Thanks and stay healthy!
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    Anyone ordered from Creamtone in the last week?

    Hey folks, don't post much but I know this is the best place for info on Creamtone. I ordered some rings from Lonnie last week and received an email with a tracking number stating they would ship last Thursday 4/7 and I have not received them nor has the tracking number been updated. I've sent...
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    FS/Local 5150iii 50 watt

    I want to try and sell this stuff locally before I deal with shipping hassles. Im in Cincinnati and will drive to meet within a reasonable distance. 5150iii 50 watt head Ivory. excellent conjoint home used only. Was purchased as a demo from Sweetwater last year. Has TAD 6l6s and stock preamp...
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    Counting Cars Les Paul motorcycle

    Just watched the episode. Curious to hear people's opinion.
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    Pickup recommendations

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some suggestions for a bridge pickup for my LP Custom. It currently has a Shaw era Dirty Fingers in the bridge and the 490r with an A4 magnet in the neck. I love the nastiness of the DF but it's a one trick pony. Anything get that nasty but clean up better? Thanks!
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    WTB Gibson 57 Classic Bridge p'up

    I'm looking for a 57 classic bridge for my SG. Nickle cover or uncovered. Prefer single conductor. Thanks!
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    WTB-Wolftone Mean

    I'm in the hunt for a Wolfetone Mean P90 (non dog ear) with enough lead for the neck position. I don't care what color the cover is or if it even has one. If anybody has one they're not using and want to get rid of it let me know. Thanks
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    WTB: Shaw era Dirty Fingers

    Howdy, I am looking for a Shaw era Dirty Fingers Bridge pickup in double black and in decent condition for a reasonable price. If anybody has one they'd like to unload let me know. Thanks! Found some! Thanks Shai'tan!
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    Magnet orientation

    Greetings pickup experts, can anyone tell me the proper magnet orientation for a 3 ceramic magnet HB?
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    P90 advice

    I just picked up aTraditional Pro P90 and am working on getting things set up to my liking. I am new to the P90 game but it seems the stock pickups (the ones with taps) are a little too compressed and not open enough. I definitely want that aggressive P90 growl and play mid-gain rock or blues...
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    Gibson Plastics vs, Aftermarket

    Well, I pulled the trigger on a Traditional Pro P90 (ebony, 60's neck) and I've always liked the ebony/cream look vs all black. I know aftermarket plastics are cheaper, but is there a color issue with them? I don't want a bunch of off color stuff so I'm just trying to figure out if I should...
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    WTB-Cream Plastics fo LP

    I'm looking for cream covers for Gibby P90s, a cream poker chip, cream switch tip and cream single ply pickguard (P90 cut) in very good condition. Anyone have this stuff lying around?
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    Kit question

    I am possibly tossing around the idea of a kit LP and wanted to know if anybody makes a mid level kit with P90 routes and a 60's profile neck. Anyone know?
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    Why does GC bother........... even mail out the coupons that they do when EVERY friggin' manufacturer is on the exclusion list? What a waste:mad2:
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    Going down the P90 road.....

    I've been wanting a P90 LP for quite awhile and I think I want to start looking. However, I'm a 60's neck kind of guy so my options are limited. I'm really interested in the new Traditional Pro P90 but 1.) for almost 2K, the "satin" finish on the neck and back seems like a real ripoff and 2.) I...
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    How do you like this look...

    Whadda you guys think about this look for my Custom? Oh, and my new poker chip? :D

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