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    Potential Trade Feeler: 2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    Tentatively considering a trade of my 2010 LPC Silverburst for an ebony LPC, preferably an older 70s/80s model (maybe even a 90s, heck maybe even later models, depending). I love my SB, but have a strong hankering for just a classic black LPC with gold hardware and aged/yellowed binding. I got...
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    2018 R8 case and Bigsby fitment question

    Contemplating putting a Bigsby on my 2018 R8 (via a VibraMate, of course) but wondering if I’ll have any issues closing the case. I’ve had Bigsbys on a couple of other guitars (both Epiphones, one added by me (w/ an aftermarket case) the other from the factory (w/ a factory case)) and in both...
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    Celestion Greenback 10” Speakers x2

    I have 2 10” Celestion Greenbacks that have a grand total of about 3 hours on them! I’d put them in my 4x10 Marshall 1965B cab, hoping they’d mix well with the 36yr old original G10L-35s... I was wrong! Ha! Anyway, they’re basically new and in perfect shape… just not my cup of tea. $150...
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    NGD: Epi Korina Moderne 1958 RI

    This spankin' new Korina Moderne just arrived yesterday from American Musical Supply. These are called "Limited Edition" and "Excusive Run" and "1958 Reissue", none of which really seems very applicable. They've been making them for at least a few years now (so not really super "Limited")...
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    How Many LPs Have You Owned Over the Years?

    So how many Les Pauls have you owned over the years? Let's include all LPs... Epiphone and Gibson (Norlins, Gibson USA, Custom Shop, Reissues, Collector's Choice, etc... heck even actual vintage ones, ha!). Me, I've had 29 over the years starting in 1997 with my first Epiphone Special and...
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    NGD: Iced Tea Burst 2021 R9

    I was recently in Tennessee visiting my sister and had a chance to swing back by the Gibson Garage in Nashville (was there back in August of '21 as well, killer place... if you're ever in Nashville, it's a must). Anyway, I spotted an R9 in a local GC in Phoenix (where I presently live) several...
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    2021 R9 Finish Flaw???

    I stopped by a local GC to snag some strings today and they had a beautiful 2021 R9 in Dirty Lemon hanging in the Platinum Room. I asked one of the salesmen to bring it down for me so I could get a closer look at it and give it a test drive. I plugged it into a Jerry Cantrell Signature 20W...
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    DiMarzio Super Distortion (DP100) & 36th Anny Neck (DP103) in Double Cream

    Double Cream DiMarzios here... Super Distortion (DP100) bridge and 36th Anniversary (DP103) neck. 4 lead. $SOLD PayPal shipped for both! PM me here or email at [email protected] to claim them!
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    FS: Grovers 3+3 Keystone Tuners -Chrome

    Set of chrome keystone Grovers 3+3 tuners (14:1 ratio). Bought these for a guitar then decided to go with nickel instead. Installed once for a few days before removing to replace with the same ones in nickel. Comes with all the hardware. Absolutely like new! $40 NOW $35 paypal shipped. h
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    FS: 2014 Gibson SG Standard ‘61 - Desert Burst

    For Sale: 2014 Gibson SG Standard ’61 in Desert Burst - $SOLD PayPal’d & shipped. These SGs were Guitar Center exclusives back in 2014 when the normal SG Standard had the Min-E-Tuners on it and the 120th Anny logo at the 12th fret. Those 2014 oddities were blissfully not used on this model...
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    NGD: TV Yellow Special

    Picked a TV Yellow Special last week at my local Sam Ash. Very impressed. Fit & Finish is excellent and the neck (50s) is the best neck I've felt on an Epi in a long time. P90s rock and genuinely sound like good P90s (doesn't mean I won't eventually swap in some aftermarket ones, but that's...
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    WTT 2014 R8 Bourbon Burst for LP Custom Silverburst or R6 Goldtop

    As the title says, looking to trade my 2014 R8 in Bourbon Burst for a Silverburst Custom or a Goldtop R6. ***TRADED!!!***
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    What LP do you most regret selling (or trading)?

    I was digging through some old pics of LPs I’ve had in the past, and it made me realize much I miss a particular LP I used to have. It was a black 2007 Classic Custom. Fully chambered with an ebony fretboard. I traded it as part of a deal for a 1958 Reissue, and while that R8 was great (it’s...
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    FS: Gibson Modern Vintage Leather Strap

    For sale: Gibson Modern Vintage Leather Strap in near mint condition. Great strap with super nice memory foam on the shoulder pad. $85—>>now $75—>>now $old PayPal Shipped.
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    Pickups for sale RS Guitarworks/Lindy Fralin, Wolfetone, The Buzztone

    As I mentioned in my For Sale post for my 2016 R8 Tobacco Burst, I have a septic tank that has to be replaced, so I'm selling off all kinds of things. :) Which includes cleaning out the pickup drawer and here's what I got: RS Guitarworks/Lindy Fralin True 60s PAFs—SOLD— Wolfetone Marshallheads...
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    FS: 2016 R8 Tobacco Burst

    For sale is my 2016 R8 in Faded Tobacco. It's a Gloss model that I swapped VOS hardware onto. Has the original Custom Buckers along with the original HSC and all the case candy. Has been played some and does have a few marks on the finish as a result (see pics). Frets are in great shape...
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    NGD: 2014 SG

    Snagged this lightly used 2014 Gibson SG Standard ’61 in Desert Burst at one of the local GCs earlier this week. This is the 4th SG I’ve owned (2 Epis and 1 other Gibson—a ’97 Standard that was beast of a guitar!). The other 3 all had fat necks which strangely enough I didn’t care for on an SG...
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    Boutique Patent Number Humbuckers

    Seems there is no end to the folks who try their hand at winding boutique PAF clones these days (btw, not complaining...the more the meerier—options are a great thing! :D). And there’s even a good bunch of folks who offer T-Top clones. But who all winds boutique “patent number” humbucker clones?
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    FS: ThroBak SLE-100 Plus

    Ordered these direct from ThroBak about 4 weeks ago to put in my new 2018 R8. Awesome pickups, but just not what I was looking for in this particular guitar. Aged nickel covers with double cream bobbins underneath. Were only in my 2018 R8 for about a week (maybe less). As a result, these are...

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