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  1. StuartMac

    2010 Gibson Les Paul R8 - UK Seller

    Personal circumstances forcing the sale of a few pieces. This is a really beautiful R8 in Lemonburst, in excellent condition with just a little worming to the back (nothing through to the wood). All original, except I changed the bridge pickup ring to offer more clearance to the strings - the...
  2. StuartMac

    WTB: R5 Les Paul

    Ideally a gold top with P90s and a wrap tail, but let's see what's out there. Cash, or I have a lovely Lemon Burst R8 for trade
  3. StuartMac

    Feeler: 65 Amps Soho HP Head - Massive Saving!

    Financial crisis averted - no longer for sale.
  4. StuartMac

    Feeler: 65 Amps Soho HP Head - Massive Saving!

    In UK, will ship anywhere. As new 65 Amps Soho High Powered head. Switchable from 35 watts to 18 watts (I tend to prefer 18 watts). Unbelievable tone, huge versatility - the best EF86 / EL84 sounds imaginable, right through to Black Face cleans. New it retails at £2899, street price £2699...
  5. StuartMac

    Anyone In Central Scotland Have A Spare 335 or Acoustic Box?

    I've sold a Gretsch G6120 and need to get it sent very soon, but I don't have a suitable box! Turns out none of the Glasgow guitar shops have any spares either. A 335, Acoustic or Archtop box of any sort will do. I can even swap it for a Les Paul box if that's any use?!
  6. StuartMac

    Strings question

    Tried loads of different ones, keep coming back to D'Addario 10-46.
  7. StuartMac

    R9 with Headstock break on Ebay?

    Yep, that's the one. Just a staggeringly great guitar. I actually got two Historics last week, both amazing.
  8. StuartMac

    R9 with Headstock break on Ebay?

    Don't give them ideas: The Historic Headstock Repair Re-Issue, complete with authentic lacquer crack.
  9. StuartMac

    R9 with Headstock break on Ebay?

    I just bought an R8 from him, and it's fantastic. Any previous issues with him?
  10. StuartMac

    Bare Knuckle quality?

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I was doing some research into Bare Knuckles when this post caught my eye. I just wanted to applaud it for the sheer class it displays from another manufacturer. Well done, mate. I'll be ordering a set of something from you in the future.
  11. StuartMac

    PRS SC245 2007 - Birds, Lovely Top, Almost Mint! (UK/ Worldwide)

    I've only had this a matter of weeks, and it is an absolutely sublime guitar. It plays like a dream, sounds big and rich, hangs perfectly on a strap and is a lovely weight. It's a beautiful Violin Amber Wrap, with a top that looks like a 10 to me, but for some reason hasn't been designated one...
  12. StuartMac

    Gretsch G6120TM (UK - will ship)

    Bump - open to offers
  13. StuartMac

    Felt Strap Button Washers on Nitro Finishes?

    There are loads on ebay, at least over here.
  14. StuartMac

    Felt Strap Button Washers on Nitro Finishes?

    Any issues? I'm a bit paranoid about finish discolouration!
  15. StuartMac

    Replace 57 Classics with Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays in a 335?

    I have a 63 Historic 335 Reissue, which is my main guitar. I'm wondering whether I'll get just a bit more out the guitar with a pickup swap, and Stormy Mondays intrigue me. Don't get me wrong, the guitar sounds great, and I have no complaints (other than a very slight ice-pickiness on the...

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