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  1. thornie

    2014 Gibson Les Paul R8 Bourbon Burst w/ OX4 Beano Pickups

    Very interested! PM sent.
  2. thornie

    Used historics

    I just picked up a 2011 R8 Flametop for $2750 and that was the seller's asking price. Amazing deals out there right now.
  3. thornie

    Heard Richlite is going away today...

    Love richlite and would gladly own another Custom with it. I wish retailers would drop the price on these so I grab another one at a discount. I think it's crazy that Gibson raised the price on these when ebony is a much more costly material.
  4. thornie

    WTB: Looking for a Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (2013/2014)

    Thanks for the offer, I'm really only looking for lemon drop bursts, or extremely light iced tea finishes.
  5. thornie

    Pricing Your Items

    I've discovered that asking prices are high across the board for nearly everything. Not sure why... I mean, are people really paying $2k+ for used Gibsons USA stuff? I remember when I was in the market for a Les Paul Custom 2 years ago, I was getting quotes for well above $3k. These were...
  6. thornie

    WTB: Looking for a Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (2013/2014)

    They say this a buyers market, well, I'm buying. :slash: I'm in the market for a nice R8. Here's what I'm looking for... COLOR: Lemon burst or a nice light Iced Tea. Absolutely NO cherry bursts. FLAME: I'm particularly interested in the subtle flame top models that came out in 2013/2014. No...
  7. thornie

    2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom?

    I agree 100%. I've owned a few Customs over the years. My 2013 Richlite Custom is so far and away better. It's hard to explain, but I prefer it to Ebony by a wide margin. They sound identical btw.
  8. thornie

    2014 LPs in stock!

    Hideous. The whole lot of them. Though I am glad to see that they added Tobacco to the traditional line. Now they just need to ditch that horrible "new honeyburst" which is just a rebrand of that gross edge burst Iced Tea finish, and go back to the old tear drop honeyburst look. Also, that...
  9. thornie

    2012 MINT PRS Tremonti for your Gibson!

    Hey everyone! Up for trade is a 2012 PRS Tremonti in Blue Crab Blue in near mint condition. I purchased this guitar new from Musicians Friend back in August. The guitar is in immaculate condition, has never been gigged, and has never left my smoke free home. The guitar comes with the original...
  10. thornie

    Let's talk about the Chambered Historics ....

    Oh Wow. I didn't read that. I had no idea they can make a Les Pauls that light without weight reliving.
  11. thornie

    Let's talk about the Chambered Historics ....

    I think they are calling them "featherweight" Historics now. As per Wildwood... Gibson Custom Shop Historic Featherweight Wildwood Spec Les Paul Guitars | Electrics - Gibson Custom Shop | Wildwood Guitars
  12. thornie

    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (R8, Iced Tea)

    All my fault :p. I've been meaning to put this up for weeks, but I kept putting it off.
  13. thornie

    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (R8, Iced Tea)

    Yes, but only to the lower 48 of the USA.
  14. thornie

    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (R8, Iced Tea)

    Yeah, no way is this guitar Iced Tea, but that's what Gibson told me when I emailed them and asked. It's a lot darker and much more tobacco colored than any Iced Tea I've ever seen.
  15. thornie

    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (R8, Iced Tea)

    Also posted over at thegearpage... $2300 - 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue. - Finish: Iced Tea, although to me it looks more like a Bourbon Burst, but it's an Iced Tea according to Gibson. - The hardware also does not have the VOS finish. The Bridge, tailpiece, and pup covers are as shiny as...
  16. thornie

    FS/FT: 2011 PRS DGT 10 top w/ Birds Tri Color Sunburst 7.95lbs

    The necks on the DGTs are really unique in that it's hard to compare it to any other neck PRS or Gibson makes. I will say it's the best neck I've ever played. It's thin with a 10" radius. The fret edges are rolled so it's very comfortable. I'd say it's closest to the new 2012 American...

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