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  1. Jay76

    NGD Billie Joe Armstrong LP Junior

    It arrived today, I had been waiting since December. It's great. Love the colour / finish. The fretboard is really nice. It has a nice snappy response. Kinda reminds me of my old 1950's Gibson LG1 fretboard. Glass like. I wasn't expecting that at all. It really compliments the design on...
  2. Jay76

    NGD- 2020 Gibson Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul!

    Congrats! very cool... also want to know how the pups compare
  3. Jay76

    Tuner upgrade for my 2018 BFG. Peg hole size

    Thanks for taking the time - appreciated
  4. Jay76

    Tuner upgrade for my 2018 BFG. Peg hole size

    Hi all, Thinking of upgrading the tradition style Gibson tuners for these: Anyone know...
  5. Jay76

    Creamery Custom '87 humbuckers

    Hi all, Has anyone got/had these? If so how are they? Thanks
  6. Jay76

    NGD 2018 BFG P90

    Yeh it's quite chunky on the 2011. Not quite a 50's but not far off.
  7. Jay76

    Gibson Slash Guitars as Investments

    Bought my Vermillion for £1150 second hand in 2014. Its worth over 2k now so yeh.. I would say they are an investment. Bloody lovely guitars. Really special. The only other guitar I felt like that about was a top of the line PRS that was over 3.5k. That speechless feeling as you open the...
  8. Jay76

    NGD 2018 BFG P90

    I actually got her 4 weeks ago and have only just go around to doing a post as I have been playing her so much (and upgrading bits and bobs). I decided to change the pots on both my BFG's to 550k CTS along with Orange drop caps. I did 50's wiring on the 2018 too. Love how the P90's sound with...
  9. Jay76

    NGD: Why I Bought the $649 Gibson Les Paul BFG

    Awesome looking BFG! Quite a rare guitar I think they only made this new version of the BFG for 2018. I have a 2011 Schaller BFG and a 2018 P90 version. I replaced the pots of both with 550K and orange drop caps. Both very different but both have that stripped back vibe and resonate like...
  10. Jay76

    Changed the base plate on my SD Slash bridge pickup - now no output, need advice

    Thanks for the info. Correct I have zero experience with the inner workings of pickups. up until now I have rewired pots and pickups but never taken one apart so to speak. If I hold that pickup wire against the plate I get a reading it seems. but it doesn't when i solder it! WTF
  11. Jay76

    Changed the base plate on my SD Slash bridge pickup - now no output, need advice

    Hi all, So I went ahead and changed the baseplate as the one I have had kicking around for a few years has long legs and I needed short legs for my BFG. Everything seemed to go ok. I used a base plate from a SD JB. I noticed the SLASH seems to have 2 ground wires. Where as the JB just had...
  12. Jay76

    2018 P90 BFG pots value? (NGD post to come)

    Hi all, I picked up a 2018 p90 BFG yesterday for £575. I quite like it. Feels quite different to my 2011 Schaller trem BFG. I will do a NGD post soon once I have taken pics! Does anyone know what value the pots are? I want to know what the Volume pots are more than anything. I do have a...
  13. Jay76

    Opinions on Les Paul BFG?

    Did you keep the wooden knobs? A lot of people change them but I like them. Goes with the charm. I dunno what it is about these models but they just feel so 'alive' to me. Both in tone as well as feel. My BFG's are the only electrics I have played that give me that feeling I get when I play...
  14. Jay76

    Opinions on Les Paul BFG?

    I know this is an ooooold thread. But did you know the BFG with Trem was a limited model? Only 400 made worldwide. Also, I'm certain that the body is routed/chambered differently from the fixed bridge BFG model. It's much more heavy. I know the trem weighs a bit but the over all difference...
  15. Jay76

    NGD: Review of the 2015 Junior

    I got my new nut from Gibson. It's Nickle unfortunately. I did some research and the Nickle nuts wear quite quickly too :/ As soon as it has a few dents I intend to go back to Gibson again for a Titanium one (which are 'supposed' to out live the guitar).
  16. Jay76

    NGD: Review of the 2015 Junior

    I did this last week. A nickle or titanium (depending on stock) is on it's way :) My Junior came brand new with an indentation on the brass nut lol
  17. Jay76

    Going Too Far?

    Dude you're crazy! I would sell the duplicates and buy something really special like a custom shop or such like. The only problem in doing this is that the custom may just play and sound alot better than the LPM's that you have kept.
  18. Jay76

    NGD: Review of the 2015 Junior

    That could be a good thing tbh
  19. Jay76

    NGD 2015 Les Paul Junior

    Haha well they sold out in 30 mins after I ordered mine (there were 13 left at the time) so at least you managed to snag one and didn't miss out. I am half Scottish and would take a Kronenberg and a spl1ff over a bottle of jack. That what living in the South does to you.

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