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  1. SkyDogJr

    NGD: TeleCooder

    The Telecooder! The electronics are the same as Ry Cooders, Cooder Caster, but the vintage sixties strat... Let's face it, you wouldn't chop up a vintage strat to make a dedicated slider out of it either! When Ry Cooder did it, it was probably worth three bills... The guy that built this...
  2. SkyDogJr

    An early set of W*B* Habenero pickups for sale!

    I have an early set of these Pepper pups that have "aged" nickle covers. I received them from Big John who, as many of you know, was an early endorser of W*B* pickups. These pickups came from the Redding, CA shop before the manufacturer got busy and all the "stuff" happened. You can verify all...
  3. SkyDogJr

    Wanted to bounce something off of the wiring gurus.

    I bought a used, 2010 '72 Thinline Telecaster. I'm sure you know this, but it's the two Fender wide range pickups with a volume and a tone and a three way switch model. I have a Fender TBX Tone control and I was wondering, are there any practical uses for this on this guitar? Then I...
  4. SkyDogJr

    NGD: Fender '72 Telecaster Thinline

    2010 MIM '72 Re-Issue Telecaster Thinline Battle scar on the E in thinline... Front Back
  5. SkyDogJr

    Concern about a guitar serial number

    I've been talking to a guy in Portland about buying his Tele Thinlne '72, serial number MX10076936. Problem is, I looked the number up on the serial number lookup site and it doesn't see the number, even though it's the correct format.(MX10 + 6 DIGITS 2010 - 2011) Below are some pics of it...
  6. SkyDogJr

    Gonna seem like an odd question...

    I've top wrapped my Les Paul's from day one, but when I got the 335 and restrung it with strings I could use (I can't play anything less than 11's or I am constantly bending myself out of tune) I strung it regular. So does anyone who plays a 335/345/355 that has the standard stop tail top...
  7. SkyDogJr

    NPD! Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator

    I bought this pedal via ebay on Wednesday from a seller in Kansas and it was delivered today in Yakima, WA! I've read the good, bad and ugly about this pedal in this section:hmm:, but I have to tell you, I plugged it in tonight with the other pedals in my current board and it really...
  8. SkyDogJr

    Distortion? Overdrive? Fuzz? Boost? Fuzz+Octave?

    Hey, I am going through a severe case of PAS lately and in looking at a ton of pedals, I started wondering what you guys think? Here is a scenario: Current pedals are the Boss OC3, Eagletone (Biyang) Chorus pedal, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-10... Then, at times, I use a Marshall Guv'nor 2...
  9. SkyDogJr

    Aphex Xciter pedal question...

    Hey, I have been wondering about this pedal for a while and had heard it "added" something extra (Clarity?) to the overall sound. My question is, who has used this pedal? What do you think of it? Is it worth picking one up to check out for myself? Keep in mind, I am a blues/slide...
  10. SkyDogJr

    This looks fake...

    ...and with the price it is listed at, I am not surprised. The pictures are not real good though... Gibson Les Paul Custom What do you guys think?
  11. SkyDogJr

    Ngd! 2009 es-335

    Not great pics. I'll do my best to get more pics taken....better than these...soon.
  12. SkyDogJr

    Price on a used Les Paul Custom

    It's a white Les Paul Custom from 1989, 2 pups. It's in really great shape. I was wondering what the general consensus is on price? I have looked on ebay and gbase...not sure where else to turn, so I thought I'd ask you guys. The guitar is being sold on consignment and has a price of...
  13. SkyDogJr

    Jazz scales used in a blues song?

    Is any familiar with the jazzy scales used by Frank Marino on his live performances of King Bee/Back door man? I've listened and studied and am still not quite finding the correct ones. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. SkyDogJr

    Could you tell it wasn't a Gibson if I didn't tell you?

    This guy is higher than a kite! Gibson Firebird Copy
  15. SkyDogJr

    I got a nice complement on my guitar playing last night.

    I play at a local blues jam on Thursday nights. I had just walked off the stage and he walks up to me and says "Hey, how you doin'...You know, I love the way you play just like Ginger Baker....". :laugh2::hmm: I thought for a second and just said thanks....
  16. SkyDogJr

    Feeler for interest in old Guitar Player Magazines?

    Hey. I have a large collection of classic Guitar Player magazines that reach back to the launch of the magazine in the late 60's. I also have some random Guitar World magazines from the 80's and 90's as well. I don't have every issue, and it's a lot of magazines to run through to compile a...
  17. SkyDogJr

    Information on old National/Supro cable

    Hey, This may be the incorrect place to ask this question, but I'm not sure where else it would go... I just bought what was described as a "working" 50's National lap steel cord. When it arrived, the 1/4 inch plug was marked Japan on the underside of the ground side of the plug. (Also...
  18. SkyDogJr

    This is too funny!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is just a little over priced? Vintage Hondo Guitar | Portland | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 2053435
  19. SkyDogJr

    NOGD 1954 Supro Lap Steel

    It's a 1954 Supro lap steel. I bought it to put the pickup in my Coodercaster tribute guitar....but if I can find another knob for it, I may just use it as's really in pretty darn good shape.
  20. SkyDogJr

    I've found my new calling...On Craigs List

    Unique Four String Washtub Bass I'm telling you... this is it!

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