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  1. 1allspub

    Top I picked for a custom order ML UL Aged R9 - can't wait

    You have the patience of Job! ;)
  2. 1allspub

    Factory Jumbo Frets on a Les Paul? Are they putting any on at the factory?

    Depends on how you define medium jumbo, I guess. My 2016 Trad was advertised as having “medium jumbo”... but frankly they’ve never felt very jumbo to me... medium or otherwise. My 2021 R9 (and 3 other R8s I’ve had from the 2014-2016 model years) have more what would seem medium jumbo to me...
  3. 1allspub

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Yeah, I don’t judge them for what they are playing… but I absolutely notice… every-single-time! :)
  4. 1allspub

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Ha! I must have missed that! Good riddance. ;)
  5. 1allspub

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Oh and... the OP has not been back to MLP 16 months, yet we are still blabbering on in this thread! He trolled us good! HA!
  6. 1allspub

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    Haha... I notice every guitar's brand name when I am watching any guitar player. But... I am probably not in the 99% of normal people! ;)
  7. 1allspub

    New Gibson LP with missing documents

    If you tried it in person, you must be somewhat close to them. Go back down there in person with the guitar and demand the proper stuff for it (or you'll return it). I'll bet they can find it. :)
  8. 1allspub

    NGD: 2022 Insanity!

    Congrats on an amazing find... and HNGD!
  9. 1allspub

    How blown away will I be?

    Uhhh... you do know that we are in a guitar forum talking about very high-end (ie, expensive) guitars and that any comments made herein are made within that context, right? IOW, no one's comments (except maybe yours) are in any way referring to anyone across the globe who is struggling...
  10. 1allspub

    Happy Gibsunday!

    Happy Gibsunday. My 2021 R9.
  11. 1allspub

    Left or right?

  12. 1allspub

    I’m starting to think my Epiphone custom pro is fake…

    Totally not a fake.
  13. 1allspub

    Gibson laying off staff ??

    Man, this was an awfully long thread for a quickly and easily refuted (ie, untrue) premise (and a thread that wandered all over the place)... yet, I read the whole dang thing. What’s wrong with me?:facepalm::laugh2:
  14. 1allspub

    How blown away will I be?

    Being “blown away” is very subjective and also relative to what else you’ve played and/or been exposed to. As was said above, CS guitars generally start with a better baseline. If you are someone like me who is very enamored with vintage Bursts but will NEVER be able to afford one (nor probably...
  15. 1allspub

    NGD - 1968 RI in Pelham Blue

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! :drool: Congrats and HNGD!
  16. 1allspub

    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

  17. 1allspub

    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

    Let me just say, for clarity’s sake, that those of us who do swap stuff on LPs don’t buy guitars we don’t like the tone of either. We have just learned from experience and tinkering that we can often make them even better. We chose guitars we like as well. Especially if they have certain...
  18. 1allspub

    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

    Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. Like I said, I’ve never actually done the mod. But I suspect all the above plus likely a tone benefit too.
  19. 1allspub

    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

    Yep, though I mean to say “screws” instead of “studs” in my previous post. IOW, you replace the ABR-1 bridge mounting screws with longer steel ones. But yeah, a user on the other LP forum named “mapleflame” came up with the idea several years ago and it became known as the “mapleflame mod”...

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