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  1. S. Nomad


    Koa Custom! Sweet, I owned one. Gorgeous guitars. Congrats on the JB sig! Great color!
  2. S. Nomad

    NGD Standard 1959 Outfit Aged Cherry

    Killer cool! Congratulations! Rite on & rock on! \m/
  3. S. Nomad

    Black Beauty from 70-73 with chrome hardware? Help

    Great answers! Also like here, Austin from Trogly's Guitars on YouTube is friendly and very knowledgeable about Gibson Les Pauls. Congrats on your Black Beauty! Beauty indeed!
  4. S. Nomad

    First Les Paul

    Sweetness! Love the unburst finish! Congrats!
  5. S. Nomad

    A White Burst Supreme

    Outstandingly exceptional! I've always loved that finish. You have my envy sir. Congrats and enjoy that supreme beauty!
  6. S. Nomad

    Slashed again!

    Very nice! My B-Day was the 17th as well! Here's my birthday present, a 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's

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