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    YouTube - Touching Another Dude Softly (TADS ) :hmm: Uhhh, .... I thought TADS were .... uhhhhm .... you know .... regular guys. ??? :confused:
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    Making Chips

    Some of these: Slice with one of these: You get this: Get one of these: Add some oil until hot, then add potatos in one layer. When finished: And, Spice to taste. Salt, Pepper and chili powders are particularlly good. Chips. Yummy...
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    Let's Do Some Math ....

    .... Just for fun. :wow: :D
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    Stop Picking On The British

    For God's sake, they've already lost an Empire, why must you attack what little dignity they have left? Leave the poor bastards alone. Please.
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    What Books Have You Been Reading Lately?

    Recently finished or in progress: Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest: Stephen E. Ambrose The Great Train Robbery: Michael Crichton Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith: Jon Krakauer Recenly Purchased...
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    The "Old Twig & Berries" Interchange ....

    ... Teminating at the Virgin Tunnel Entrance: :shock:
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    Chinese Proverb

    Confucius say, "If you in book store and cannot find book you want, you in ..... .
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    Classic 30 15W Mod

    Who's done it? How Long? Any Issues? Other thoughts? Classic 30 Half Power Workaround? [Archive] - The Gear Page Peavey C-30 15 Watt Mod - Telecaster Guitar Forum
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    Bands You Grew In To

    As you grew out of bands in this thread: What did you grow in to? - Rolling Stones - Beatles - Johnny Cash - Other various 60's & 70's "classic rock"
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    Why Am I Not Surprised?

    Ala. senators, casino owner indicted - U.S. news - Crime & courts - The big money special interest's corruption of politics is, imho, destroying this country. They are why we have ineffective but very expensive health care "reform"; they are why we had massive bail-outs...
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    What are the MOST COMMON Rock/Blues Keys

    I'm assuming "A", "D", "E" and "G". Sound about right? Reason I'm asking is because I want to memorize the I, IV and V chords and practice those for A FEW of the MOST COMMON blues and/or rock keys.
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    EBay Sales Tax? WTF??

    Since when did Ebay start adding sales tax on private party, used items? I know that stores are supposed to collect sales tax for purchases from in state buyers. I know that individuals are supposed to pay sales tax on online purchases from out of state stores. But person-to-person used...
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    "Winner!!! NAD Content (Pics Added)"

    Just scored an Ebay win. :applause: Thank you to all who assisted here: If you said: :thumb: Used Classic 30 for $290.49 shipped. Should arrive ( :fingersx: ) next week. Only "bad news"...
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    Output and Speaker Impedance

    In my continuing search for a new I amp, I found something I think is a bit unusual or even mis-leading. I want to ask the experts if I've understood this correctly. I found an amp (tube based combo) that is advertised as 20W. The spec sheet from the manufacturer says it's 20W RMS @ 4 ohms...
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    For The Instructors On Board: A Path To Learning Guitar

    A "challenge" to the instructors on the board to provide a "course of study" to the students on the board. If you're an instructor or tutor, either professionally or occasionally, either for pay or for pleasure, either past or present, what path would you build for a student learning...
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    I-IV-V 12 Bar Blues Shuffle in ANY Key Made Easy Wish everything was explained this simply.
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    Best Name EVAR!!

    Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer. :rolleyes: :laugh2: :laugh2: A woman named Marijuana plays it straight - and wins - JSOnline
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    New Anti-Social Social Group

    :rolleyes: Thought about it, but don't want any of you guys in it, so F*(& off. :laugh2: :laugh2: :fingersx:
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    '59 LP "Found" On Telecaster Forum???

    Don't know. Maybe he's a member here under a different name. Maybe it's in the vintage SN registry. Maybe not. Maybe it's :bs: . Don't know. I bought a Blacktop Tele Today - Telecaster Guitar Forum
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    Best Ozzy Era Black Sabbath Studio Album

    Black Sabbath (1970) Paranoid (1970) Master Of Reality (1971) Vol.4 (1972) Sabbath...

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