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    SOLD: 2001 Gibson ES-335 Limited Edition sunburst, black binding, blocks, ebony board

    2001 "Limited Edition" ES-335 Made in Memphis Sunburst Ebony board with small blocks Black body binding 57 classics see last pic for spec... says the neck is "les paul 1960 slim taper" "natural" relicing of the nickel hardware, see pics very good condition, but not perfect. normal player wear...
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    Help me identify these old P90s

    Yeah the more I look at the brass one, I'm convinced it's not a Gibson. The other one seems to be Gibson, but a bit of a "beater", being cracked, shimmed, and maybe needing a rewind. I plan on listing these for sale, so I want to have as much info as I can. I may separate that old gibson...
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    Help me identify these old P90s

    Any thoughts on the low resistance readings? Do they likely need rewinding?
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    Help me identify these old P90s

    Happy to post any more pix if they'll help
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    Help me identify these old P90s

    These were recently pulled from my '61 SG special and were NOT original to the guitar, BUT were in them when I got it back in '99 or so. I've replaced them with a new set of custom wound P90s from Eric Daw and I don't think I'm looking back, but who knows. BUT, I'm trying to figure out what...
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    two NGDs 1999 ES-335 LE natural and red

    Resurrecting this OLD thread... but I have a sunburst one of these and haven't seen one anywhere else
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    SOLD: 2014 Fender Stratocaster - American Standard HSS Shawbucker

    2014 American Standard Strat HSS Shawbucker bridge Fat 50's middle / neck I'd grade this as a "VG" as per Reverb's scale. It's in great shape but not mint, a few marks and dings on the body but nothing awful as you can see from the photos. Sounds and plays great, so much that I want to...
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    FT: My 1984 Greco EJR for your Eastman T64 / Elitist Casino / ?

    Here's some more pix ... still seeking a sweet trade, whatcha got?
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    FT: My 1984 Greco EJR for your Eastman T64 / Elitist Casino / ?

    this is the only one I have right now, need to take more detailed shots has a mojoaxe compensated bridge now, as well
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    FT: My 1984 Greco EJR for your Eastman T64 / Elitist Casino / ?

    I have a very nice cherry red double cut Greco EJR with a hard case and a Florance P90. Do you have a T64 and wanna trade? Maybe a Casino or something along those lines. Would also consider a more traditional MIJ 335 perhaps. Let me know and I'll send pix, etc.
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    SOLD: Gibson L-130 Acoustic

    Reverb link: Got the itch for a Martin dreadnaught, so this beauty has to go. This is prime "Ren Ferguson era" Gibson, if you're into such things. Excellent condition, kept humidified, a couple of small dings on the top but nothing...
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    SOLD: Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Head

    Perfect condition, no issues. I'm a combo guy, and I have just been playing my Deluxe and it's all I need. So letting this guy go. Used mostly in rehearsal, in the studio twice and on stage a handful of times. Includes original box and power cord. Additionally includes Tuki cover (Paid $60)...
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    FS: Little Lehle Looper Switcher

    can this do A-B-Y between two channels on a deluxe reverb?
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    WTB: P90 Les Paul

    they're nice, but i ended up getting an R6 last weekend. also hate buying new :) ...if i could wait for the inevitable year-end blowout sales, i guess :)
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    WTB: P90 Les Paul

    oh wait, is that the one you were mentioning in PM... very nice!
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    WTB: P90 Les Paul

    looks nice... i'm all set with the R6 above though, but maybe someone else reading this?

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