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  1. Wise Guy

    Scam or no?

    Came across this guys Chibson for sale which is being advertised as a 'Les Paul Electric Guitar'. It's labeled as 'open box' for only $499. Doesn't seem he wants to really tell the buyer what it really is potentially leading a young buyer into thinking he's getting a good deal. Is this a scam or...
  2. Wise Guy

    NGD! 2010 SG Classic

    Finally pulled the trigger on an 2010 SG Classic(last week) which I've been eyeballing now for a little while. I was very unsure on whether or not I'd like the P90's but at this point I'm definitely sold. The 60 cycle hum isn't nearly as bad as any of my Strats and the cleans are just as crystal...
  3. Wise Guy

    Fender Modern Player Plus

    Anyone else out there own one of these Fender Tele's? I believe these to be one of their best deals going back then. Coming stock with an original pine wood body and a transparent black finish or a honeyburst type of finish. Not too mention, it's hard to find one now for under $500 when...
  4. Wise Guy

    Potentiometer Thoughts and Opinions?

    Anyone have experience with this brand of pots and Ebay seller Tone Man? I believe he advertises them to be Bourns pots. I'm just curious to know if there are benefits to installing these over other brands such as CTS.
  5. Wise Guy

    Edwards(Rare!) Vision Beta- Super Strat!

    I've never been an LTD fan owning dozens over the years but this made in Japan Edwards has stuck with me as being one of the best super Strats I've had the luxury of owning. Back in the early 90's I was deployed to Japan where I picked this up for approximately $1500USD which in the early 90's...
  6. Wise Guy

    BC Rich Mockingbird-Still One of My Favorite Guitars Since the 80's!

    Love 'em or hate them, the BC Rich Mockingbird is still one of my all time fav's courtesy of Slash...! I do prefer the Special X model over my STC model with the Les Paul knob layout(there's the LP layout, and the inverted LP layout which I believe were China made). This particular Special X...
  7. Wise Guy

    Copper Bridge?

    Just curious, after a few months playing my new Standard 60's, is the ABR-1 made of chrome plated copper?
  8. Wise Guy

    NGD 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60's Husk(finish comparison)

    So after seeing these guitars permeate my Youtube filter, I decided to get a matching Epi for my Gibson Standard 60's. It's safe to say that Epiphone's version of bourbon burst differs greatly than Gibsons! WTH??!
  9. Wise Guy

    Dean Chicago Standard V

    I'm really digging my two Dean guitars puchased not along ago. They seem to be a pretty decent 'go to' guitars if you don't have a Gibson(or can't afford one). Very similar in feel minus the 'V' profiled necks. One aspect I really like are the pickups which easily rival my stock Gibson pickups...
  10. Wise Guy

    Hawk Series

    Anyone else enjoying these underrated models from the 90's? I absolutely love playing my black Hawk. They sound really good playing bluesy type stuff or even doom metal. Everything appears to be stock on this since i purchased it but the bridge pup rings in at 13.1k even though Gibson...

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