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  1. LPCollector

    Wax potting!

    ......and then some!! Looks like pickup headcheese! :laugh2:
  2. LPCollector

    New Tele Deluxe Day!!

    I got a Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe just a week ago. Great guitar but she's going to be my 1/2 step down, Drop D guitar, so she needed to sound and look a little meaner than stock. So, today I received enough parts to get the project started:
  3. LPCollector

    New Friedman Day!!!!

    I love me a Brown Eye, no doubt. :laugh2: But, I went an got a Pink Taco. :wave: Tone report to come, but so far, it's pretty badass for an EL84 amp! I'm not a fan of EL84's, in general. The loop is so good that I prefer running through it, rather than wet/dry/wet. But, just thought...
  4. LPCollector

    Guitar Karma featuring Joe Bonamassa.

    Here is the back story, in depth, of a wonderful tale: (MUST READ) (additional) Well, it seems that the guitar Karma of Dan Silverman giving Joe B his 1963 Firebird I, has come full...
  5. LPCollector

    Les Paul hack jobs!!

    We all have seen some hideous hack jobs on Les Pauls, and even though this is a Norlin era guitar (nothing wrong with that), it is still a travisty...... So, let's start a thread of Les Paul hack jobs, for grins: (I propose the death penalty for anyone guilty of hacking a LP) Oh, and...
  6. LPCollector

    1997 Fender Stratocaster Voodoo.

    A true under the bed find. Lightly played and in excellent shape. This 1997 USA Fender VooDoo is a GREAT player and has a KILLER tone from the Hendrix angled bridge pickup. This things cool factor is ungodly!!!! This is an early second version Voodoo. Fender's Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Stratocaster®...
  7. LPCollector

    '01 Angus Young SG

    2001 Angus Young SG. (first version, '68) A true under the bed find. Lightly played and in excellent condition. Thin neck, Angus pickups, Vibrola and original case. Sounds and plays KILLER!!!! ****free shipping to CONUS ONLY!!! $1,650 or BO.
  8. LPCollector

    WTB: Bare Knuckle VHII

    Longshot request. Does anyone have a Bare Knuckle VHII (or similar) short legged, single conductor, double black or nickel covered bridge pup for sale? If so, holler at your boy. :wave:
  9. LPCollector

    Fender Esquire Scorpion

    Picked this baby up on CL today for $250. After clean up, new strings, added Straplocks, truss rod adjustment and intonation..... She's a fun little guitar. She needs a new pickup, a treble bleed mod, graph tech saddles and maybe some locking tuners. (not a need, but a want) I'm thinking...
  10. LPCollector

    2014 Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod #20

    2014 Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod #20 of the first 50. (see COA) Only the first 50 got the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition JB from Duncan. (with coil tapping) Excellent condition with only one "bump" on the back and the case has a ding or two. Two upgrades: Dunlop Strap Locks and the treble bleed mod...
  11. LPCollector

    NAD-Splawn Quick Rod-Now with video

  12. LPCollector

    NGD-Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod

    With my incoming Spawn Quick Rod, I've been eyeing the Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod as a compliment to the amp and to complete the 80's Hair Metal setup. :laugh2: Low and behold the day before my Spawn arrives, one of these bad boy's pops up on my local Craigslist this morning. Ironically, it was...
  13. LPCollector

    Pornografia de Tele

    Aptly titled since she is Mexican:
  14. LPCollector

    Downgrade turns into an upgrade

    Admittedly, I go for expensive gear. I just sold my very expensive TC Electronics G System and bought a $200 Lexicon unit....and a Mexican Blacktop Tele. No, it can't do all that the G System can, but I think it sounds better: (use headphones)
  15. LPCollector

    Pedals, Interface, Tuner, Wireless, Amp

    All prices are shipped to CONUS only. (higher elsewhere) If you must use paypal please add 3.5% unless you use the gift option. Focusrite 2i2. Great shape. $115. Peterson Strobostomp Classic Good shape. $115. TC Electronics Flashback with TonePrint. Very cool and great shape. $95. Lehle...
  16. LPCollector

    Yamaha THR10X

    In good shape and is tons of fun. Software is an online download for the editor. Cable and usb cord. May be shipped in a THR10 (sold locally) box if I can't find it's original box. Price: $140 shipped, conus only at that price. Paypal, add 3.5%.
  17. LPCollector

    Sure Beta 57A and SM 57

    These two are from my home studio and are in great condition. Shure Beta 57A: Price: $100 shipped, conus. Paypal add 3.5% Shure SM57: Price: $65.00 shipped, conus.Paypal add 3.5%.
  18. LPCollector

    Cabs: Marshall 1960AX, Avatar 2x12, 4x12

    We all know what the challenge is on these, that's right, shipping! Posting just incase someone local to me (Portland, OR) is looking. 2 each, Marshall 1960AX cabs with Greenbacks. Oxygen free wire, foam diffusers. Great shape, no real rips or tears. Price: $700 each plus shipping.(arm...
  19. LPCollector

    '87 Kramer Striker ST100

    Real Floyd that works well. Killer neck profile (thin, semi wide) and in pretty darn good shape for a 29 year old guitar. Original chipboard case included. Price: $325 shipped. If paypal, please add 3.5%. Conus only at this price.
  20. LPCollector

    Brown Lifton reissue case

    This was a leftover case from Music Zoo, if I remember correctly, and had to take the Gibson logo off. No keys. Used very little but may have a ding or two, just in case you are more discerning than I am. ;) Price: $225 shipped. If using paypal, please add 3.5%, unless you are using...

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