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    Carter Vintage guitars sold!

    Guessing that many of you saw the news that Carter's has sold to North American Guitars. Walter and Christy Carter will "still be in charge" according to the press releases.
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    I tried searching for this and only found a few references to aging. I have an epiphone (nothing historic and not trying to be) and I am interested in exploring dyeing the pickup rings and plastics. In my other life I am a shooter and shooters dye plastics all the time (grips and lowers) and...
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    Gibson LP with Dual Action Truss Rod

    I was watching Trogley the other day and noticed the Gibson LP GT has a dual action truss rod. I can find no other Gibson LP models with a Dual Action Truss Rod. Does anyone know of others?
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    70% are new (ish) hires at Gibson

    I spoke with a friend at the Gibson USA shop who informed me that only 30% of the USA shop worked there Pre-Bankrupcy. 70% of them were hired since mid 2019. Just thought I would pass that on. (they had a party today and Marcus King played and JC announced that at the party)
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    What is "it" for you....?

    I have 2 guitars, seemingly identical in model and make (both Class 5 custom shop Standards) and I love them both but I love one of them more. I cannot seem to figure out why one has "it" and the other does not. So this is a question that is intended to help me out. It is not neck...
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    Gibson Goldtone GA-15 RV amp Trace Elliot

    As I am sure many of you know after all reading my EPIC post about fret cleaning, I got out all of my cleaning and setup gear yesterday. I decided to clean the pots on my GA-15 Goldtone amp (which is really a remarkable sounding little amp). Volume, tone, and Reverb were a little scratchy so...
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    Setting up my #1 LP Custom shop Standard

    While playing my #1 last night, I decided it was time for a FULL setup. My wife is out of town (funeral) so I have the house to myself and decided I would do it and do it RIGHT. Started with a full fret oiling and polishing (after of course removing the old strings and cleaning the body, neck...
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    WTB Les Paul Custom with Nashville Skyline

    I am looking for one of the Customs with the Nashville Skyline painted on there. I want it as a display guitar. If anyone has one/knows of one please let me know.
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    NGD 2010 Buckethead Signature Baritone

    Getting a Gibson Buckethead Signature Baritone today. 2010 version with Ebony fretboard. Not everyone's cup of tea but has been (for several years) a wish for me. Finally coming today. Backstory--friend that works for Gibson had it, bought it new, rarely plays it, and knows he does not need...
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    Conversation with friend at Gibson USA

    I was very encouraged by a conversation that I had yesterday with a friend that works at Gibson USA (she is a 25+ year employee). She was discussing how morale is up over there and how much money Gibson is investing in the factory and attempting to spruce it up and improve on the process. One...
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    in line volume boost

    Does anyone know of a small in line volume boost plug or cable? I am looking for something very small and portable. Here is what I have. I bought a jamstack portable amp that mounts to my guitar. It purports to make an electric guitar nearly as portable as an acoustic, for things like...
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    WTB Foot Switch for Super Goldtone amp

    I am looking for the 5 button OEM Footswitch that goes with the Supergoldtone GA-30RV. I am aware of the available aftermarket switches. I am looking for the Gibson Branded one. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know.
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    WTB Gibson Les Paul or SG Baritone

    If anyone is looking to sell, please let me know...

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