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  1. Kezman

    NGD + first post

    Nice, congrats & welcome!
  2. Kezman

    NGD..sort of.. Joe Perry Les Paul

  3. Kezman

    NGD! 1960 v1 Les Paul

    Nice, congrats!
  4. Kezman

    Greetings from New Zealand!

    Sweet 335, welcome :thumb:
  5. Kezman

    Greetings from france !

  6. Kezman

    Greetings from Ascension Island

    South Atlantic ocean........ that's pretty cool, welcome aboard! :thumb:
  7. Kezman

    Hello, from north MS, usa

    Welcome to MLP!
  8. Kezman

    Howdy from Cheyenjne

    Welcome aboard :)
  9. Kezman

    I Will Not Let Modern Life Drive Me Batty!

    PowerSlave? You have my attention Tim, great concert......... I prefer Paul and his rawness too :thumb:
  10. Kezman

    My first R9

    Very nice, Congrats!
  11. Kezman

    NGD 2013 R9 HOG Dirty Lemon Glossy

    Beautiful lemon, Congrats!
  12. Kezman

    New band promo video day

    Well done! :thumb:
  13. Kezman

    The New Gold (2013 vs. >2012)

    I prefer the gold on the left :)
  14. Kezman

    pictures from our wedding/honeymoon

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bling :thumb:
  15. Kezman

    Remebering Marc Bolan

    I thought Marc's guitar was stolen after his death, and never seen again. What's the "Other Forum" ? I'd like to read the story on how the original Bolan re-surfaced, cant seem to find much about it on Google :hmm:
  16. Kezman

    Name the greatest cartoon character ever created

    All of these :thumb:
  17. Kezman

    mother turns on me after violent crime.

  18. Kezman

    NGD:2013 R9 VOS Lemonburst

    Gorgeous top, Congrats man :thumb:

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