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  1. cwness

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 'crack cocaine' video scandal

    Don't worry your not ever mentioned.:laugh2: Thought so all along. It's alway worth waiting for the facts before looking like well you know. Looks like I was right. Not to hard to be right when dealing with a guy that spends most of the day on a forum when he should be teaching...
  2. cwness

    Said goodbye to a friend this morning.

    Sorry to hear this and I know how you feel. It's one of those things that's really hard on a person losing such a trusting friend. As hard as it is and I don't know how many times I've said this is the last time the girl on the left (avatar) proves I love having them around. So get another...
  3. cwness

    Addicted to vapor rub WTF?

    Ya and at least the hippies tried to hide their use. Hell this was on a main drag, middle of the day, and right by the hobby shop.:shock: CW
  4. cwness

    Addicted to vapor rub WTF?

    I saw a guy standing outside a hobby shop in an alley with bag huffing and when he pulled the bag down he looked just like the guy. We drove around the block because no one believed me. He was still there gold face and all. This happened in the 90's on Lake street in Minneapolis. Guy could...
  5. cwness

    Wiped out.

    I use to have a friend the didn't believe in TP. He used a wash cloth and would rinse it after use. Then he had a girl over one night and I'm watching TV with the guy and the girl walks out of the bathroom from taking a shower. To be nice she tells him she didn't know where he kept the wash...
  6. cwness

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 'crack cocaine' video scandal

    Just another guy from Canada posting before it can be proven. Par for the course. CW
  7. cwness

    So The Feds Want to Lower The BAC For Drunk Drivers.

    No fence here. If your drinking stay the hell away from being behind the wheel. Just like I'd like gun crimes to be treated tougher. CW
  8. cwness

    Gas Pump News. And Singing!

    That was the best Gas Station news to date. CW
  9. cwness

    Worst publicity stunt ever?

    Totally stupid. Tin one thing about having a CCW is to make sure what your going to be shooting at. You just can't take someone out based on what you see. Just coming in and looking like that would not mean you can shoot. Be ready to shoot if he starts pointing the gun at people but not...
  10. cwness

    New C/S Day!!

    Ya you have to have at least 20"s to get anything done fast. Nice. CW
  11. cwness

    Gun violence in US has fallen dramatically over past 20 years

    You'd be rejoicing if you lost just one family member? What the hell is wrong with you? Brilliant just brilliant. Trying to make a point like that is well!!!:shock: CW
  12. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    Well, by extension, logic would seem to indicate that by opposing tightening up gun control, i.e. universal background checks, for example, that many would seem to want procurement to be relatively easy. To use your words for the Thousandth time we don't oppose background checks. There are...
  13. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    Hey poncho so then were you drunk last night when you posted this. In post #462. I mean, I think there are a lot of idiots out there who have no business owning a gun, and yet you guys seem to think everyone should I still have to asked where's the proof. CW
  14. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    No need Katrina proved it true. I did call out others and still no proof on their part.:shock: CW
  15. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    Sonar he posted it in a response to Spirithawk in the latest gun thread. Post #217 if your interested. CW
  16. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    Thanks for at least being honest. CW
  17. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    Well that's strange I don't remember posting that either. Lets see your proof. Your so fond of asking for it in all your post. I see the proof is just rolling in. Just what I expected.:laugh2::laugh2: CW
  18. cwness

    To a few of the Anti gun crowd. Put or shut up.

    I've been reading here from a few of the Anti gun (River and Poncho to name a few) that us Pro Gunners want EVERYONE to have guns even ones that it's ILLEGAL for them to have one. Well it's time to step up with your proof. Please post where we have said this. Posts saying that people...
  19. cwness

    California to Confiscate Illegally Owned Firearms

    If you put the bottle down long enough you'd understand. If they are in jail longer they won't be out to break the laws again.:shock: Put them in and throw away the key don't let them out early or plea bargain down to a lesser crime and less time. According to Robert is seems to be...
  20. cwness

    Who smokes and smokes in their home/car?

    I can't imagine kissing a smoker these days. Might as well kiss an ash tray. CW

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