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    Van Zandt STV-R2 '63 Strat

    Van Zandt STV-R2 '63 Strat - MIJ MIJ Vanzandt STV-R2 (retail 290 000Y). Made by PGM for the Japanese market. Sort of a 'custom shop' guitar. I have tried many MIJ Strats incl. vintage Navigator, Greco, Tokai etc. They were all A+ but this is the one I bought and have stuck with for a while...
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    Gibson Shaw PU's difference between neck & bridge?

    I know they had different stamps for the neck & bridge position, at least for a while. Is there a difference in how neck and bridge were constructed?
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    WTB Tokai/Gotoh pickup covers

    Want to buy a pair of old Gotoh pickup covers for a '80s Tokai. PM me.
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    Does anyone make custom pickup covers?

    Does anyone know a supplier that will make a high-quality humbucker cover with custom pole spacing? I have a vintage MIJ Les with very narrow spacing. Impossible to find off the shelf parts. I don't mind paying a few bucks to get the job done right. Must be nickel.
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    Order-made pickup covers for custom string spacing?

    Does anyone know a supplier that will make a high-quality humbucker cover with custom string spacing? I have a vintage MIJ Les with very narrow pole spacing. Impossible to find off the shelf parts. I don't mind paying a few bucks to get the job done right. Must be nickel and preferably something...
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    MIJ Pickups

    I have been pleasantly surprised by many of the pickups in vintage MIJ's. Some are easily on par with stock Gibson or Duncan pickups, or even custom winds IMO. I hear a similarity in many of these pups; they are very clear sounding and have good definition, even if they don't sound 100% like...
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    Navigator Les Paul LH-150 Pickups?

    I have the chance to get one of these. No pics, but it has PAF-style specs, braided wire and stamped "LH-150" in black ink underneath. Measures 7,6k. Are they any good? PS: This is intentionally posted under 'Other Les Pauls', to reach out to the MIJ crowd.
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    1984 LS80 surprise find

    Took a chance on what I believed to be a Tokai LS60. The ad featured some very poor, darkly lit cell phone pictures and the guitar was covered in stickers. Some naphtha and elbow grease reveals a very nice LS80. Here featuring a Maxon Super 58 in the neck position and a late 60's T-Top. Sort of...
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    NGD ObG R9 + Question to ObG owners

    Found this online the other day and with FEB and original 57 classics (supposedly designed by Tom Holmes) I couldn't resist. It's a '93 reissue and my first ObG LP. Just needs new inlays. I am sure many of you have seen these falling out on old ObG's, is there a repro brand that would fit?
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    Greco Mint Collection EG58-120 1983

    Greco Mint Collection EG58-120 1983 Rare 1983 model EG58-120 (Mint Collection EGF-1200). Very resonant, light-weight guitar at only 3,9 kg. Two-piece back. Honeyburst flame veneer top. One-piece Mahohany neck and bone nut. '58 style neck profile with medium jumbo frets (refret). Original...
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    Greco EG58-120 Les Paul 1983 (EGF-1200)

    Might have to let this go. 1983 Mint Collection EG58-120, successor to the EGF-1200. Very resonant, lightweight guitar at only 3,9 kg. Two-piece back. Honey/Lemon-burst veneer top. Sounds very nice, very open and airy. Professional refret with medium jumbos, original hardware and electronics...
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    Difficult headstock break

    Got this ES-335 with a difficult headstock break (might be a normal jobbie for those of you who do this for a living). Usually they open right up, just clamp and glue. This one, I can't get back together. There is an overlap in the mid section. May I ask how you would proceed on this one? I...
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    NOS PIO Caps 0.22 uF

    Found these in a drawer. New-old-stock Russian K40Y-9 military paper-in-oil film capacitors. Supposed to be real high-endy caps. 18 pcs. 0.22uF/200V. Solid metal cans, real sturdy build. You can put them in series with existing caps in a Gibson, and it will still read 0.022 uF, or use them for...
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    Faber vs Kluson ABR-1

    Anyone had experience with both of these? I need an abr with raw brass saddles. The Kluson is about $30, the Faber about twice of that.
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    Tom Holmes H450 Neck Pickup

    Have anyone heard this one - how is it? I have a H455 in the bridge position of my old Tokai. One of the best bridge pickups I have heard. It sounds very much like a PAF, but also sounds kinda warm for a bridge pickup. I like a bright and clear neck pickup, and the original Dimarzio PAF is...
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    FS 1981 Burny FLG-90 MIJ

    Near mint Burny FLG-90 Super Grade from 1981. 1980-81 Burny FLG-models are fairly rare, and are IMO some of the finest MIJ guitars available. This is a '81 FLG-90 with the Super Grade script logo. The guitar has a pure nitro finish, one-piece body and original L8001 PAF's (untouched...
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    Burny FLG-90 VOS

    Wanted to show you this '77. Bought for cheap, in need of a headstock repair. I will have to take it to a professional to get the neck refinished, but this will do for now. I thought these were supposed to be mid-level guitars, but so far I have been mighty impressed by this one. Two-piece back...
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    Vintage Patent Number Pickups

    What's the going rate for 1960's Gibson pickups these days, both T-Tops and pre T-Top Patent Numbers? And what's a good source for such pickups? There is of course eBay, but the many BIN listings seems to generally be overpriced. Then there is the risk of buying a fake. :shock:
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    Greco Mint Collection FB-80 F-Bird

    Nineteen-eighties Greco Mint Collection FB-80. Made in Japan. One of the higher-end Greco Mint Collection models. Light and acoustically resonant guitar. Very nice, articulate sounding mini-humbuckers. Dark sixties-style sunburst finish. -Solid Mahogany body -Solid Mahogany neck...
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    Mystery MIJ strat pickup

    So this is the second time I have found one of these. Anyone recognize it? It is an aftermarket pickup. I have seen it in both a Nav and a Greco, both of which came from Japan. Seems to me it must be a well regarded pickup if people put them in high-end Strats. This one came out of the neck...

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