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    Movies I Need To See

    Here's a good one for tonight. "Near Dark" 1987 Horror cult film based on dark humor and memorable one liners - Bill Paxton like you've never seen him before :applause: "I hate it when they ain't been shaved" ~ Severen "It's finger lickn' good" ~ Severen Near Dark Movie trailer -...
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    Overdrive pedals...

    +1 on the Crunchbox. It sounds fantastic with humbuckers. I have the Crunchbox, Fulltone RTO, Marshall GV-2 and like them all. Swith them up depending on my mood and guitar.
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    The Best Band Stage Entrance or Exits You've Ever Seen?

    I'll second that. I saw JB play in an outdoor venue about 4-5 years ago. He walked on the stage, killed a riff and solo and played non stop for a couple hours. Ended with a Genesis medley. All business and one of the best shows I've been to. Concert was $5.
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    New guitar Facebook page

    I "liked" it a while back but didn't realize it was someone from MLP. Please check out mine if you're so inclined. "Lil' Ditty Guitar Lounge"
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    Les Paul smaller Size

    Didn't Gibson make some LPs marketed to females several years ago that were a bit lighter in weight and had smaller neck profiles? Seems like they had a short existence, maybe a few years?
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    Joe Walsh - Live From Daryl's House (Full version) + various

    I was introduced to the James Gang when I was about 7 years old. My mom used to take me and my little brother to a baby sitter back then when her and my dad worked the night shift. The baby sitter was an older couple that often left me and my little brother with their high school aged kids while...
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    Had a near fatal heart attack so I bought a guitar. Seriously.

    Thankful you made a recovery and welcome to the guitar club! I'll give you a piece of advice that I have to keep reminding myself of from time to time. Keep it fun and enjoyable. I play for me only as a stress reliever and a hobby. I never try to keep up with what someone else can do or try to...
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    anyone buy used pedals from guitar center? quality or junk?

    I've only purchased 1 used pedal and it was at GC. It was a Line6 DL4, and it turned out to be a success. Did not come with a box or power supply but it was in "like new" condition and well below the price of a new DL4. Luckily I already had a power supply from my PODXT and printed the ops...
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    Jimmy Page 1957

    Jimmy Page 1957 - YouTube Not sure if this has been posted here before but it's the first time I've seen it and wanted to share.
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    Most popular guitar forum?

    MLP, TGP and Strat-Talk are my daily visits.
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    How many of you run 2 amps???

    For home recording I have 2 running off of a Loopmaster A/B/Y box. I have tweed Blues Jr running clean with a RotoSim and DL4. The rest of my effects (wah, vibe, od, fuzz, dirt and eq) run through a tweed Peavey Classic 50 4x10. I've found that using the RotoSIM and MDV-2 at the same time is a...
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    Purple Haze Jose Feliciano

    I think this is a testament of how far reaching the influence and affect Hendrix had on guitarists of all genres.
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    Purple Haze Jose Feliciano

    Purple Haze Jose Feliciano / Jimi Hendrix - YouTube Dude tears it up! Love the use of the tuners for a trem/whammy effect. He has a great right hand technique. :dude:
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    Losing my best friend tomorrow.

    I'm so sorry to hear about this and I know how you must be feeling. We lost our beautiful 15 year old dog last June. She was extremely sick and I agonized about having her put to sleep. She died in my wife's arms the day before she was scheduled. I'm not much for poems but someone sent this to...
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Recently upgraded from low quality LiveWire cables to Slug Bullet cables but don't have them installed yet. BTW, I like Robin Trower if you can't tell :D
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    Another Muff

    Very nice score!
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    Marshall Guv'nor Plus GV-2

    Glad I found this thread. I'm giving my GV-2 to a friend who lives out of state this weekend. It's been replaced on my board and sitting in my closet for 5 years so it's going to a good home and will get a lot of use. He has an Orange Dark Terror head through a Marshall 4x12 and moslty plays...
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    Telecaster Shredding...

    Keep it up! Do you know of Richie Kotzen? He shreds on a Tele and does this crazy fast picking with his right hand's thumb and index finger.
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    maudlin, it seems....doggie pics inside

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss of Katie. She's a very good looking dog. My dog of 15 years passed last June. I'm not much on poetry but someone shared this with me then and it helped me cope a bit. I hope it helps you as well. I AM NOT THERE Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not...
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    New Jimi Hendrix single "Somewhere" audio clip

    Good stuff indeed! :dude:

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