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    Job Interview tomorrow!!!

    'Luck' wont get you shit. Do some preparation. Research the company. Have some great examples to prove you can do the job. :cool:
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    Jonas Bros sig is here!

    LOL (lowest of the low) I'm still waiting for the Milli Vanilli sig
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    Need some advice on possibly changing a pickup.

    I think you should toss a coin in the air and while its still spinning call heads or tails. Depending on the outcome you should change the pickup (or not)
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    Killed a Copperhead in my driveway.

    kids, neighbours & guns :hmm: We have snakes and feral pigs as well but got rid of the guns about 30 years ago
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    Killed a Copperhead in my driveway.

    you discharged a shotgun in your driveway??? you just happened to have a shotgun within easy reach??? WTF?? :shock::shock:
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    Name Roman Rist's Baby *

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    String Myths Part 1

    Mêlée is a noisy riotous fight or brawl or a game like Chess but played on a nine-by-nine board Maybe he meant ''menagerie'' or ''medley'' or ''multiplex'' or ''minge'' :shock:
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    String Myths Part 1

    I use 11's but WTF is a 'may lay' :hmm:
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    MXR Distortion + - damn it's good

    I hate mine Its loud but not the kind of distortion I like.
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    SoloDallas YouTube account shut down for good

    SoloDallas You are the best!!! Particularly enjoyed your recent 'old wood' demo Keep 'em coming man
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    What's The Most Disappointing Pedal You've Owned?

    catalinbread dirty little secret. Regardless of mode or setting or stacking, it just sounds bad. Although I am comparing it to a Fulltone OCD V4 pushed hard by a ZVex SHO. :naughty:
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    guy across the pond paf's

    Quoted $700 USD with a lead time of about 4 months. Rings are $350 plus shipping. That more than I paid for my guitar :shock:
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    Hi from Australia!

    Hey Mang
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    The burst contest 1, submit your guitar

    five pages of posts and not one Burst. I guess the economic downturn has hit really hard. :hmm:
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    4th Test, England v. Australia

    Nice F6 Lunatic :applause:
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    4th Test, England v. Australia

    'Baggy Greens'
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    Another Aussie into the mix.....

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    Say something about the poster above you.

    negative :)
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    Just Got Laid Off

    Man the world's going to hell real quick. I work for a corporate multinational and they are shedding one third of their workforce next week. Including me :shock:
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    have you ever googled your name? or username ect?

    I googled 'ect' and got a lot of stuff on Electro Convulsive Therapy :wow:

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