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  1. DrSte31n

    2012 Fender Custom Shop 60's Stratocaster

    Howdy! I'm new to the Stratocaster world, currently looking for a reissue from the Fender Custom Shop with a rosewood fretboard. I have my eyes on a specimen from 2012. Anything I should be concerned about regarding that production year? Thank you!
  2. DrSte31n

    Gibson Custom Shop 2019 - Premier Guitar

    Video covers the entire Gibson line, but the Custom Shop talk starts at the 1:05-ish mark (I tried to link the exact time). Highlights (for Les Paul Standards, which are my main interest): Special stuff around the 60th anniversary celebration (different/additional case and case candy) 10...
  3. DrSte31n

    Aniline dye transferred onto white Telecaster

    Howdy, folks. I apologize if this post is not appropriate for this section, but Historic Les Paul owners tend to know a lot about aniline dyes and how they transfer (bleed) onto the binding, and even the top of guitars. In this case, though, the dye transferred from a ‘60 Gibson Les Paul...
  4. DrSte31n

    Sennheiser e906 on sale?

    The Sennheiser e906 mic seems to be on sale everywhere (including Guitar Center) for $99.95. Any idea why? Is there a new model about to be released by Sennheiser? Thank you!
  5. DrSte31n

    Was Candy Apple Blue a custom color in 1956

    Did some googling and couldn’t find an answer. The 2018 Historic Collection from the Gibson Custom Shop has a 1956 Les Paul in Candy Blue. I’m curious as to whether or not that color was available in 1956, or if all Les Paul produced that year we’re just gold. I think it looks killer (they...
  6. DrSte31n

    Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Combo - Speaker Size Concerns?

    Hey Guys, First post on this section (I think). I searched and couldn't find a NAD for the Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Combo. Any proud owners? I'd like to get one (without trying it first, unfortunately), but I'm not sure how I feel about the 10 inch speaker? Anyone owns or has tried one and...
  7. DrSte31n

    Is this a 2017 True Historic case?

    Howdy, y’all, Just received a brand new 2017 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 True Historic Reissue, and it came with the case pictured below. Case tag says “Made in Costa Rica” on one side, and Dec 17 on the other. The Gibson Gold Warranty Card says the guitar was inspected in July 31, 2017. These...
  8. DrSte31n

    Brazilian Les Paul Standard reissues at GC

    Gibson Les Paul reissues with Brazilian rosewood fretboards are so limited that even Guitar Center is selling them. They are on their website (see pics below) and on their printed catalog. Couldn’t find this online, but the catalog says “CITES certified Brazilian rosewood fretboard”. Gibson Les...
  9. DrSte31n

    CME serial numbers

    I remember some people disliking Rx type of serial numbers (e.g. 2016 Standard Historics), as opposed to the classic 9 7 xxx type (for 2017). How do y'all feel about CME serial numbers on a historic? Does the CME serial number make the guitar less accurate? Does it hurt resale value? Etc. Thank...
  10. DrSte31n

    What is the switchplate custom medallion made of?

    Hey Guys, Any idea what the switchplate custom medallion is made of? Particularly the 2014-2016 version. I suspect the gold Gibson Custom part, year, and made in U.S.A parts are bronze. How about the medallion itself? The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to deep clean it (using white...
  11. DrSte31n

    2016 LPR8S neck binding cracks?

    Hey Guys, I just got a used 2016 LPR8S and there are a few issues that I'd like to ask y'all about, the main one being the binding cracks mentioned in the topic. I searched the forum and there are some old posts discussing this problem in 2006 and (maybe) 2012, and people indicated that it...

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