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    1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    This one is a great player but would make a great candidate for restoration to it's former golden glory no breaks get details and pics here 2700 shipped
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    1969 Gibson SG Special

    no breaks no repairs details and pics on reverb 2200 shipped
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    check out this crazy vintage Junior

    a buddy owns a shop in a small town in NC (B Sharp Music in Spindale NC) and, long story short, he acquired an extremely modified Junior that may take the prize for...well, something anyway, look who was checking it out! image hosting gif photo by Julie Phillips
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    FSOT: 1965 Fender Jaguar w/ OHSC

    1965 Fender Jaguar with OHSC Appears to be all original Some finish wear but in great overall condition Comes with trem bar and mute Like a lot of vintage guitars, this one has a few eccentricities...the pickguard has shrunk a little and VERY slight warp near the bridge. The routes...
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    c. 1981 Tokia Love Rock with LOTS of cool upgrades

    This is one from my personal collection that I very hesitantly have on the market. Quite simply, it's the best Les Paul that I've ever owned. During the course of owning it, I've had several Gibson USA LPs, two R8s, an R7, an R6, an R4, two vintage Jrs, an Edwards and three other early 80s...
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    1977 Gibson Les Paul Special Limited Edition w/ohsc

    1500 shipped! More pics and details here: picture share
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    2009 Teye S-Series La Mora

    Great overall condition Handmade in TX, custom designed Lollars...super versatile! $3795 shipped Open to partial trades or trading for several items take a screenshot image hosting over 2mb
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    FS/FT: 2014 Teye E-Series La India w/COA & OHSC...MINT

    2014 Teye La India E-Series in MINT CONDITION $3900 shipped Lollar pickups, blue shipwreck finish Goes from Tele twang to LP fatness Handmade in Austin, TX imgur how to take a screen shot upload image free
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (player)

    1980 Les Paul Deluxe with lots of mods... -routed for humbuckers, repainted and refretted by Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitarswork -Seymour Duncan APH1 Alnico II Pro in the neck and bridge -CTS 550K medium torque audio taper pots, sprague 225p caps, switchcraft 3 way toggle and output...
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    Get your dad a new Teye for Father's Day!

    I can't decide which one to keep so I'm going the let the world decide for me...the last one to go just won't go.
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    Early 70s Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    and it has NOT been routed for humbuckers! Great finish, great weight, no breaks Thin mahogany neck, "boo boo" rings around the tailpiece, tuners are replacements more deets on reverb listing 2700 shipped gif...
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    2011 Tokai Love Rock LS-165S Gold Top

    1400 shipped image hosting over 10mb
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    vintage set of Guild HB1 humbuckers in chrome

    pics to come early next week 450 shipped
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    REAL DEAL 1965 Jazz bass

    Priced to sell at 4595 Details and more pics in Reverb listing image upload
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    any MIJ '54 Goldtop replicas?

    missing my R4 and wondering if any of the Japanese manufacturers made a '54 style goldtop with a wraparound I've been able to find one pic of a Tokai but it was apparently a custom order
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    FS/FT: ONE OF A KIND JW Van "Eagle"

    2200 shipped image hosting without account A custom one-off "Eagle" inspired build Gorgeous flame on the body! Neck-thru construction Pickups are PAF style handwound by Chris Carter of SIN Pickups Varitone (this particular style of varitone works by rolling the tone knob all...
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    1980 Aria Pro II ES-800 (ES-345)

    1550 shipped images hosting Super RARE 1980 Aria Pro ll ES 800 Lawsuit ES 345 Made in Japan ES 335 w HSC | eBay
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    I've got a little money and looking for a bargain...

    wha' 'cha got?
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    1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    1896 shipped for MLPer
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    1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    1895 shipped to a MLPer

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