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    My first stab at going vintage, help on getting a 58 les paul junior

    too expensive…. Great sounding pretty but played examples sell for about 7k. Paying a premium makes sense when it’s a perfect rare guitar . LPJ are not rare . They are good players and fun but 1 trick pony’s .
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    Any suggestions on how to get more treble out of a 57 champ reissue amp?

    Try an eq pedal and push the treble frequency , 4k . the 68 vibrio champ is a good amp too. But the tweed champ is lovely. Note most pro players will say set your Teee champ at 3 and no higher and mic it or use a OX, cab+, etc
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    Joe B. just spoke about the Murphy Lab

    One of best playing guitars is a 56 special w a well repaired broken headstock . Plenty of people have said the same. Not recommending you break and then repair , but just saying …..
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Throbak Tom Holmes Tone Master
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    today i was mostly playing the '56

    In a good LP, turning down the volume on a humbucker sounds Amit like a good p90
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    Ok..who is buyin the real 59's?

    The real question is why are there so many bursts for sale now? Clearly there are many collectors, not successful pro musicians, that believe we are at the market top. when the stock market is finally down for a few weeks, guitar prices soften.
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    Most versatile tube amp?

    So nobody said it yet. …Test drive a Kemper or Fractal FM3 either from a friend or buy one w a 30 day return Policy. Then you can test out literally all amps on this thread + 500 more to decide what you like and then Buy the real thing.
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    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    This was Tom Pettys band clubhouse. Was there a few times to jam. Great guy
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    Liquid nitrogen weather checking? (with the real stuff)

    I know a well known custom guitar builder who told me he uses a freezer and oven to get natural looking checking….makes sense . Cold then heat causes surface expansion, like weather over the yrs
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    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    Just buy a real vintage JR for and save some $. Mark Agnisi is popular mostly because of heading Gibson patent legal battles against small vendors….like Satellite Amps for their Coronets
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    In need of help regarding a rare 2011 R9

    Nice top. But there are no rare guitars made by gibson when they churn 1000s per year of essentiallly the same guitar.
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    For those with multiple Les Paul Reissues, Do you have a #1?

    The Collector's Choice collection is your best choice, from sound, appearance, scars, every detail, and precise reproduction of a Les Paul This CC#43 is a copy of the Mick Ralphs 58 Les Paul.
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    Anybody have a Blackburst?

    58 black LP custom refinished from ugly turd brown back to original .
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    TR Crandall Guitars: WTF?!

    Interesting that the pics of the wood grain seems to show it’s the same guitar in both pics. But I would be unhappy to. They are a small store in NYC and generally high priced. Never been in there. But it’s hard to survive in NYC in the guitar business long term unless they have a good rep...
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    Are 59 bursts worth THAT?!

    Interesting point of view: ... “The '59 burst (in my opinion) is precious to a decreasing number of collectors and musicians....” A great instrument extends thru generations. Stradivarius made 1100 violins & violas ...about 600 are left and avg market price in $1mil. +/- There are...
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    Do you play along with songs?

    Another idea is to recreate a whole song starting w the backing track. I do this and re-record guitar, bass, vocals . And convert drum Audio to midi and run thur Superior Drummer plugin. All this easy to do in logic. Here is an example
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    Are amps like V8’s?

    Generally I agree that the best digital modelers are great for closely replicating and recording the sound and feel of a big amp cranked with headphones on. Fractal Fm3, Kemper and also the Universal Audio OX are the top products IMHO. If you want big sound in the room then get a Kemper...
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    I want to pull the trigger on a custom shop. So many options, and prices are all over the place. Is there a guide?

    1) Only buy a used Les Paul guitar since there are great used guitars at about 1/2 off new. New Les Paul’s Are way overpriced . Here are some guitars to look at on reverb. 2)i have looked at lots of LP’s. The Mick Ralph’s Collectors Choice is one of the best, but cost is $6k. These guitars...
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    Anyone run a Variac?

    I have used a Brown Box variac for a few years mainly with 50s and early/ mid 60s amps . It works great and definitely improves the tone by “opening up the space” better than most pedals can ever do. That said, 112 -115 is usually the sweet spot. The Guitar player Johnny Hilliard, who is...
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    What has happened to The Used Guitar Market Pricing?

    Agreed. My local mom and pop guitar store said they tired to order new Fender guitars and were told there is a backlog until dec 2020. So it’s either that Covid closed the factory, shipping issues, etc. but that’s why used guitar prices are up.

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