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  1. BSeneca

    Ami I high or is EBay

    I am seeing prices of 45k 22k for R9's that granted may be limited editions or unplayed but still seem ridiculous to me. I payed no where near those prices for my 1952 Goldtop. My thought is for 45k you could buy a 53-55 probably unbroken and fairly clean for probably LESS! Why would one pay for...
  2. BSeneca

    1955 Les Paul Junior

  3. BSeneca

    A few of my favorite things

    Just picked up the 55 Junior thanks to RollingTide a forum member. I know they aren’t all vintage but all GREAT guitars in their own right.
  4. BSeneca

    Player grade vintage Juniors available?

    Hi everyone and Happy Holidays. I am interested in a player grade junior. Headstock repairs, replacement parts are fine. Single or double. TV will be out of my range. Thanks in advance, Brian
  5. BSeneca

    Joe Bonamassa in Hershey Pa

    Had the pleasure to see Joe B in Hershey last night as a gift from my inlaws. They had my wife young and are a little less than 20 years older than me. They saw Zeppelin, Cream, Alice Cooper to name a few in their prime. They have great music taste. Anyhow, I found myself more fixated on Joe's...
  6. BSeneca

    Looking for a Les Paul Junior silkscreen

    My 58 Junior was compromised when I bought it. It had a headstock repair and the silscreen was lost. I have Greg at BCR putting it on. The one he had was ruined. Anybody have one? Hit me up please. Thanks, Brian
  7. BSeneca

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. This year has had its ups and unfortunately several downs. Please enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and cherish every moment. Thank you for your knowledge and friendship. Many happy hours spent sharing our passion with each other. Peace
  8. BSeneca

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! As I grow older I like it better than Christmas now that all the kids are older and my Father is gone. Food, Beer, Wine and Cowboys football and some sporadic guitar playing mixed in. These are a few of my favorite things. Enjoy and commence with the Cowboy hating I...
  9. BSeneca

    strap lock screw for historics

    I think this was posted before so forgive me if it was. I thought I read somewhere that the Schaller strap locks or the standard button pins are now longer to eliminate the need to dow or glue when installing the locking tuners. Do I Just need to buy new buttons? Thanks in advance, Brian
  10. BSeneca

    does any one know the dates for the Philly winter show?

    Has it been set yet or no?
  11. BSeneca

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear friends and ones who I have yet to meet here! Have a great day with your families! Take care, Brian
  12. BSeneca

    Recording with my 52 Goldtop

    We just tracked the first song of our new album (yes I am old and still call it an album) I used the Goldtop through a cranked Fender Deluxe Reverb. These P-90's are really incredible. Swear they sound PAF like at times and the amount of control I can get with the tone knobs was fantastic...
  13. BSeneca

    Price check for a 1969 Deluxe

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I have posted hope all is well. I am kicking around the idea of possibly selling my 1969 Deluxe. It is routed for humbuckers and refinned cherry burst. It is a fantastic guitar, but the more I play my Junior the more I would like to have another one. I know what I...
  14. BSeneca

    Belated Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of my friends here on the forum. I don't get on here as often as I used to, son started college and I need to sell more cars!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your families. Have a safe and Happy New Year. Take care, Brian
  15. BSeneca

    FS Feeler 1954 Les Paul Junior

    Hey Guys, Not sure I want to do this, but I could use some cash for a different purchase. You can see pics in the vintage forum under NVGD 1954 Junior. Not all original, refin. Original pickup, replacement tuners (original in the case, they suck) replacement tailpiece, replacement harness...
  16. BSeneca

    Not too proud to admit when I am wrong

    Guys I am sure you have seen my post NGD 1973 Deluxe. Well in that post I said about how I became a cork sniffer with historics. I played my Deluxe last night at our gig and.....WOW!! I also took my 13 R8. I am not saying the Norlin ate the reissue for lunch. But I will say held its...
  17. BSeneca

    NGD 1973 Les Paul Deluxe

    Hello all, I am new to this part of the forum. I have been playing Les Pauls since 1983 when I got my first studio. Over the years I have had MANY more. In the early 2000's while selling Gibson I got my first historic and became very much a cork sniffer, not to the point of others (has to be...
  18. BSeneca

    Pedals for sale

    Hello, I have a few pedals I would like to move. 1. Fulltone OCD 2. Boss DD3 3. Boss Compressor Sustainer I may have the box for the OCD. I know I have the DD3. The compressor is not mint and has been used fairly heavy. The OCD was on my board and has Velcro...
  19. BSeneca

    New Historic Makeover Day.......A little late

    Well If I was computer literate and knew how to post pictures on my own I would have done this in November when I got the guitar back from Kim. Matt will be posting pics a little later. So here we go... 2014 Lemon R8. I bought a washed cherry first from Kurt and was blown away. That guitar was...
  20. BSeneca

    Merry Christmas

    I know its a little early, but I will be busy shopping for my wife since I didn't EVEN START YET!! I also have to work a lot the next two days. Just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to you guys. I appreciate the comradery and friendship that I share with many of you. I look forward to a new year...

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