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    NGD: Joined club Novo

    very nice.
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    Just Bought a "Demo" off Gibsons Demo Shop

    I like the red pick up rings.
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    New beat up old guitar day..

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    NGD - 1990 ES-335

    I like 335s. so I like your guitar . Enjoy and make some noise .
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    Pure Kossoff

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    Pure Kossoff

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    New to the Knaggs world

    nice guitar . I would like to own one like that.
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    Why is it called a stand by switch?

    i use mine .
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    I just had to do it

    Love it .
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    Two guitars!

    Good for you.
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    Per Requests...1960 Gibson TV Yellow DC Special Lots Of Pix

    The word fine comes to mind .
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    Would You Get This Touched Up? 1960 TV Yellow Special

    From my perspective I would let it be .
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    Life is better with a Les Paul custom in it . By the way I payed too much for all my guitars but I got what I wanted . I hope you enjoy your custom in good health .
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    Hung By The Neck Until Dead

    when I am not playing them I put my guitars in their cases . no problems. Your guitars are yours to do with what you like.
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    NGD - PRS Santana

    I have heard good things about those since they first come out. It looks great . Enjoy.
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    Neck joint crack, problematic or cosmetic [SOLVED]

    Plays and sounds the way you want . I could live with that .
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    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    I like straight grain. and if I have a chose that what I will buy.
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    NVGD - '58 Les Paul Jr.

    I believe the 1950`s Les Paul Juniors to be sonic monsters .
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    Who Likes a 1956 Les Paul Jr!? :)

    this is the 1957 from the post above.

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