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    Burstbuckers vs Custombuckers

    I have a 2012 R9 (Burstbuckers) and a 2017 R0 (Custombuckers.) I've been playing the R9 for the last six years, and I got the R0 a couple months before the pandemic started. I was only able to play the R0 with my band a couple times before the lockdowns, and then the band was on hiatus until...
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    Got a Spark Amp for Christmas

    I got a Spark 40 amp for Christmas, and I have to say I am impressed. It's small, it has lots of amp models in it (or in the accompanying iphone app, actually,) and lots of pedal simulations, so lots and lots of sounds available. They can all be adjusted with knobs (pictures of knobs in the...
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    Band Practice?

    When do you think I can safely have a band practice again? I get that five people in a room together is a transmission risk, especially with some of those people singing. I don’t want to do anything stupid or put anyone else at risk, as some members have aging parents or health-compromised...
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    NGD - 2017 Les Paul R0

    Here are some pics of my new Les Paul - a 2017 R0. I have been wanting one for a while. Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that - after a few years of regular playing on my R9 I have reached the conclusion that I prefer a thinner neck. I have a 1987 ES335 that is always the one I go...

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