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  1. abracadaben

    59 top carve

    Sexy top carves on some 50s LP (59 and 57)
  2. abracadaben

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop guitar factory converted in 1959/1960 to "Burst." Photo intense!!!

    oh cool so that explains why the inlays on the night owl are darker. early 60s neck
  3. abracadaben

    Is this a genuine 59 Burst?

    would be an awesome bottle opener
  4. abracadaben

    Are 59 bursts worth THAT?!

    They are. Even more than that. Only because they rare and desirable. They do sound great but thats not where the value is really. Its because they are rare and people want/collect them. Is a Porsche 911 GT worth $1M when I can go a lot faster with my $220K R8? Yes its can be worth that in a good...
  5. abracadaben

    Beano pot being stirred again by Guitarist magazine

    They are hiding it because the headstock reads in fact Tokai "artist proto"
  6. abracadaben

    a 1958 attic find???

    Yea I’ve seen that pic posted here by the owner if I recall.... it’s a real 50s i believe. I think it’s a refinish too? Someone around the forum will know
  7. abracadaben

    My first BURST to start 2021

    The one in the middle. There is a video of “on the run” where he plays it.
  8. abracadaben

    What Is The 1959 Les Paul Sound?

    Thats my biased POV. There is something definitely. Probably mostly electronics though (PAFs and POTs). Ive hear replicas with PAFs and 50s harness that sounded like that... when I first played a 50s PAF, it sounded just like it should sound. like you have that in your head. Its a subtle...
  9. abracadaben

    What Is The 1959 Les Paul Sound?

    I dont think he even plays a single burst on that live lol
  10. abracadaben

    My first BURST to start 2021

    Cant fake that top carve..... I love the grain on this thing. Not sure about the color yet
  11. abracadaben

    My first BURST to start 2021

    It has the Harry Potter mark on the cover! lolol

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