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  1. hipofutura

    What Brand Is This Tube

    I bought three sets of these tubes, but can't remember where. Does anyone recognize them? If I remember correctly they were cheap, but they sound great.
  2. hipofutura

    OK, I Have To Brag!

    Just a bit. Mercury Magnetics has featured the Soul Tramp Amps 12W Tweed slide demo on their Facebook page. Please "Like" it on their page. Mercury Magnetics | Facebook That's pretty cool!
  3. hipofutura

    Go placidly amidst the noise and haste

    Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and...
  4. hipofutura

    Need Recommendations For A Paint Spray Gun

    I need a small relatively inexpensive (not cheap) spray gun. I'll only be using it to spray shellac that's cut 33% with alcohol onto tweed amp cabinets. I have no experience using a spray gun, but I'm unhappy with the quality I'm getting from a brush. It's not uniform and blotchy in some...
  5. hipofutura

    New Build 40W EL34

    I'm way ahead of myself with this thread but the transformers that just arrived from Mercury Magnetics got me all cranked up. I've completed the schematic and am ready to draw the layout diagram. This is a completely new design. 40W EL34 PP, fixed bias, SS rectifier, reverb, FX loop, PPIMV...
  6. hipofutura

    Hired An Assistant To Help Tweed The Cabs

    And the best part is he only cost peanuts.
  7. hipofutura

    It's Summer, Let's See Those Boats

    Glastron GX185 with 190HP Vovo Penta outdrive.
  8. hipofutura

    New Build - EL84 Tremolux Inspired

    This is my second attempt at this. The first turned out lacking and Quill now has it. Based on Quill's feedback I've completely redesigned the preamp, and left the power supply and power amp as is. This is based on the '62 Blonde Fender Tremolux which for a VERY brief period had EL84 power...
  9. hipofutura

    Looking for a Scrap Piece of Brown Grill Cloth

    Anyone have a 12"x9" scrap of brown grill cloth they're willing to part with? It has to be something without any pattern. I'm happy to pay for it as I don't want to buy a square yard just for a small piece.
  10. hipofutura

    Soul Tramp Tweed 50 Video

    My son (into photography) was asked to take pics for a Huntsville Alabama band last night during their practice. While there he did a video of one song. Not sure what he used to film and record. May have been his iPad. The guitar player is using my Soul Tramp Tweed 50 through a Marshall...
  11. hipofutura

    Orchid Cactus

    This is a bit out of the norm for a guitar forum, but I thought some of you might enjoy this. My wife is a fanatic gardener. The inside and outside of our house looks like a botanical garden. Plants everywhere, and I mean everywhere. She even sticks them in my office, where I'm suppose to...
  12. hipofutura

    Read 'Em and Weep, Boys! - World's Greatest Amplifiers

    Not sure I agree, but here you go.... The 20 best guitar amplifiers in the world today |
  13. hipofutura

    Antique Radio Conversion

    This is not my fault. Cygnus made me do it! I got all horny watching the recent antique radio conversions that Cyg has done. It's been a couple of years since my last conversion, so I decided I'd like to do another one as a back burner project. I wanted the cab to be something special and...
  14. hipofutura

    New Build - 40W 6L6

    I finalized the design and have started assembly. Chassis fabrication is just about the slowest part of a build (not including the cab). Measuring and drilling/cutting all those holes is no small chore, and despite my best efforts I ended up drilling two holes in the wrong places. The first...
  15. hipofutura

    Poor Man's Isolation Cab

    I needed a speaker cab that can be used to stress test new amp builds. I need to be able to run an new amps for several hours at high volume to be sure all is well. Will probably hook it up to a CD player or signal generator. Here are my four requirements. 1) Handle 100 watts 2)...
  16. hipofutura

    Hmmm...... The Possibilities Are Endless

    17.5" heavy aluminum chassis, 6L6 P/P, fixed bias, SS rectifier, and 40W of Mercury Magnetic magic. So what should it be, he asks rhetorically. You can't really see it in pic but there's a MM choke sitting between the PT and OT. The OT is what MM calls a "Fat Stack". It has an extra large...
  17. hipofutura

    A Pointless Thread

    I'm sitting at my desk designing an iso speaker cab while eating a fortune cooking left over from dinner (Chinese buffet). Normally the fortune goes directly to the trash, but I read this one........... "Quality isn't expensive. It's priceless." Somehow seemed appropriate for this forum.
  18. hipofutura

    Looking For An Emblem Manufacturer

    I like to find someone who can make plastic or metal emblems, but at a price I can afford. The local company wants $100+ for each emblem. I was thinking more like $15, but perhaps my expectations are unreasonable. Anyone have experience with this or know of a company to recommend? The...
  19. hipofutura

    Photoshop Question

    How can I use Photoshop to change the color of a house in a picture? I'd like to get a rough idea how the house that I'm having build would look with different colors.
  20. hipofutura

    Using An Oscilloscope To Test A Guitar Amp

    Randelli asked if I would write a tutorial that explains how an oscilloscope can be used to test and troubleshoot an amp. It turned into a 14 page 2.25MB file so I can't post it in a thread, but you can click on the link below to open it as a pdf. There is a great deal of info and details that...

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