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  1. MCT

    Please delete

    Hey guys, Have always been curious about Shed, and would love to try a set. If anyone has a set sitting unused that they’d be willing to part with, DM me with your price!
  2. MCT

    WTB: Shed PAF Daddy’s

    Hi all, I’ve been bitten by the but to try older PAF reproductions, and this is chief among them. If anyone has a pair laying around that they’d be okay parting with, shoot me a message. Thanks!
  3. MCT

    Sound City SC20 Combo- Very Good Condition- $1100 shipped

    Hi all, Up for sale is a fantastic Sound City SC20 combo. It’s all stock, has been played for maybe 30 hours in total. It sounds wonderful and really packs a whallop for 20 watts. There’s a few little scuffs in the Tolex that I’ve photographed, but other than these minor cosmetic issues, it...
  4. MCT

    Traded, Please Delete

    I’m probably going to regret this, but here goes: Up for sale is this beautiful Crews Maniac KTR STD Goldtop with a fantastic Bigsby on board. I bought this second hand from a seller in Japan, so I don’t know if it came from the factory with it or if it was installed afterwards, but it looks...
  5. MCT

    SOLD: 2016 Crews Maniac Next 5D Limited LS- Cherry Sunburst- with upgrades- $OLD shipped.

    By decree of my fiancée (who stepped into the guest bedroom where I keep my guitars and almost screamed), the herd thinning must continue. Up for sale is a very rare Crews Maniac Sound KTR NEXT 5D LTD. It’s from a limited run of 20 guitars made by the Terada plant in 2016, and is modeled on the...
  6. MCT

    SOLD- Momose MLS1 STD-II R FCR, with upgraded electronics- $SOLD

    Time to thin the herd. This is a beautiful Momose MLS-1 STD II / R/ FCR that I purchased brand new from Shimamura Musical Instruments in Japan over the summer of 2020. It’s in excellent condition, with no visible cosmetic blemishes, and an all around beauty- nice understated flamed top, with a...
  7. MCT

    FS: Vintage Maniac Hysteric PAF Pickups, $400 shipped

    Hi everyone, Going through the pickup drawer and parting with extraneous sets. For your consideration is this stellar set of Vintage Maniac’s, which are difficult to find on the used market. These have a lovely honk to them, courtesy of the long A2 magnets and > 8.0k DCR readings. See...
  8. MCT

    Did Historic hardware change in 2018?

    Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone knows whether the hardware on Historics changed ~ 2018, along with other positive changes (turn to Luxe Bees caps, etc)?
  9. MCT

    Show me your HM Iced Tea or Dirty Lemonburst LP’s!

    Hi All, Super excited to have finally placed my deposit to send my first R9 to Kim at HM. Only one problem- I can’t decide whether to go for an Iced Tea or Dirty Lemon finish! If you got one in either finish (or examples in each!), post ‘em so I can get a sense of the range of shades of...
  10. MCT

    String Compliance Question

    Hi everyone, I am not a luthier, but suspect that a luthier might be able to answer this question. I’m a happy owner of many LP’s, but one in particular has a particularly troublesome feature- no matter what strings I put on it, it feels incredible taught, and difficult to bend (I guess you’d...
  11. MCT

    Timbuckers in 2020?

    Hey guys, Here’s a blast from the past- anyone still using Timbuckers these days? I ask only because I saw a set go up for sale and curiosity killed the cat- I snagged them. I guess I’ll be able to answer my own question in a few days, but I’m curious how people feel these stand up to the...
  12. MCT

    FS: RS Guitarworks “True ‘60’s” PAF, $285 shipped.

    Hi all, Up for sale is this set of RS Guitarworks “True ‘60’s”. These need no introduction. Plenty of leads left, as you can see. $285 shipped to your door. Questions? PM me!
  13. MCT

    Tonal Benefit From Changing Pickup Selector Wiring?

    Hi all, Here’s a dilemma I’ve never encountered- I’m contemplating switching the wiring of one of my MIJ LP’s pickup selector switches from the default thin rubber coated wiring to vintage braided wiring. Has anyone done this and discerned a difference in tone?
  14. MCT

    Fender Blonde Bandmaster 6G7A Clone?

    Hi all, I've lately been pondering getting something in the vein of the blonde 6G7a Bandmaster-style amp, and was wondering if anyone was familiar with any builders making such an amp in 2020? In browsing the forums, it seems that there may have been some builders who had this style amp in the...
  15. MCT

    PRICE DROP!-2014 Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard (R9) - Factory Aged, “BOTB p.74” Brock/DaPra Burst, Built In Partnership with CreamTone, w/Wizz Pickups

    Hi everyone, I’m putting this incredible and one-of-a-kind Les Paul on the market. The full description is in the reverb posting, but I thought I’d cite some excerpts here: “ This is a one-of-a-kind factory aged 2014 Gibson 1959 Les Paul R9 reissue that was specifically painted in the...
  16. MCT

    Pots with “Vintage” 30% Tapers? I Don’t Get It.

    Hi guys, I recently went down a pot rabbit hole (hehe), and am trying to resolve two contradictory pieces of information (and I apologize if this has been beaten to death). On one hand, every respectable source I see indicates that vintage Centralab pots had 10-20% tapers, yet so many of...
  17. MCT

    Sold! 1978 Tokai Les Paul Reborn SOLD- LS-80 with OX4 Low Winds- $SOLD plus shipping

    Hey all, I posted this in the MIJ Classfieds forum, but forgot to post it here! From the original posting: “Up for sale is a beautiful 1978 Tokai Les Paul Reborn LS-80 in a lovely dark cherry sunburst finish. Google these guitars and you’ll find countless rave reviews, especially when square...
  18. MCT


    Hi all, Here’s a pair of the legendary K&T NFS Weep BB and ZB plucked from a Crews Maniac LP-style guitar I recently acquired. If you’re looking at these, you must know that pair of these is usually way way more than my asking price. See pics for lead lengths. BB reads 7.43 and ZB reads...
  19. MCT

    Anyone heard from Onamac/Kerry Learned recently?

    Hi all, About 3 weeks ago, I put in an order for some PAF-style pickups from Onamac WIndery, and have heard nothing from them, despite 2 Emails asking for a rough estimate when they might be ready. Has anyone heard from Onamac/Kerry recently, or experienced this? He may be on vacation or...
  20. MCT

    The $$$$ MIJ’s?

    Hi everyone, Out of curiosity, does anyone have any first-hand experience with some of the “whoa-mama-that’s-e$$$$$pen$ive” MIJ brands, like Brillbate, g7, or Fullertone? At that point, are you entering the realm of, like, insane replica/Max Burst quality?

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