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  1. markguitar

    TruVintage Replica Knobs in Stock!

    From my TruVintage parts line, plenty of replica knobs in stock! Details and pricing on my site.
  2. markguitar

    Dave Johnson Green - Moore Burst Replica

    Sneak peek at the Dave Johnson Green - Moore Bursrt replica we did back in 2009 using a 2001 R8. Complete with the same display set-up and Anvil case that has been used for the original guitar. Guitar has been in Frank Pine's collection since but will be listed for sale on my site soon. More...
  3. markguitar

    New MGL T-shirts just in!!

    Just received the new MGL T-shirts in! Nice quality Gildan “Ultra Cotton” shirts with full color digital printing. Available in black and grey. $28.00 with free USPS shipping within the US. Please email or call to purchase.
  4. markguitar

    Looking for reissue LP's - 335's to buy

    Looking for reissue LP's and or ES335's to buy. Please email me with what you have, pictures, condition and what you're looking to get for it. Much better to email me direct rather than message me thru the forum. I'll see an email much quicker. Thanks!
  5. markguitar

    2021 R9, Great Top and 7 lbs 14 ounces!!

    2021 VOS R9 in Royal Teaburst with a great looking top and a featherweight at 7 lbs 14 ounces! Call or email for more info.
  6. markguitar

    WTB SoZo NexGen Yellow .022uf caps

    Looking for anyone that might have some extra SoZo NexGen .022uf caps they will sell. SoZo has had issues during Covid and the caps are on backorder until the end of May. I use them along with some real mustard caps exclusively in my MGL amps. I have enough of the other values to last but really...
  7. markguitar

    New MGL50 Demo Video

    New demo video of the standard MGL50, not the high gain version. Great playing and song choices by Zach Wish!
  8. markguitar

    Murphy Painted Brazilian R9!

    Killer Tom Murphy painted Brazilian 2018 R9. Burst is Tom’s “Weak Tea Burst”. Brazilian board that’s almost black. Now posted on my site.
  9. markguitar

    MGL50 High Gain Half Stack w/ Clips

    Just finished installing the speakers in this MGL50 high gain half stack in bright red tolex. Cab loaded with reissue G12M 25w Greenbacks.
  10. markguitar

    Greg Martin - MGL50 Amp Demo

    Greg Martin playing his 1958 Burst, “Hank” plugged straight into an MGL50 head thru a ‘70’s Marshall 4x12 cab.
  11. markguitar

    Stellar 2020 R9 Just In!

    Just in and now listed on my site. Stellar 2020 R9 in VOS Kentucky Bourbon Fade finish over a wide ribbon eastern flame maple top. Gorgeous guitar that sounds even better than it looks!
  12. markguitar

    MGL50 Purple Half Stack

    MGL50 half stack in purple. Just had Swanson Cabinets build the “large box” head cab which will now be another option available. 4x12 cab has Celestion UK made 25w Greenback reissues. Cabs come with black metal handles, push-in casters and choice of grill cloth. This cab has salt & pepper...
  13. markguitar

    Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue Head

    Marshall 2555X 100w Jubilee reissue, very minimal playing time, a couple of small tears in the tolex at one end. $1,100.00 plus shipping.
  14. markguitar

    Looking to Buy Historic Reissue LP’s

    Looking to buy Custom Shop - Historic reissue LP’s. Email me with what you have with description and weight along with an idea of what you’d like to get for it. Thanks, Mark
  15. markguitar

    MGL20 High Gain Release!

    The new MGL20 HG high gain 20w amp head is now available to order. Single channel master volume modded Marshall circuit with a 6V6 output section. Now listed on the MGL site and the new MGL AmpWorks site.
  16. markguitar

    NEW MGL20 High Gain amp!

    NEW MGL20 high gain amp head coming soon. Prototype is out in LA right now with Jimmy Burkard and he's working on the video demos. Here are the first two.
  17. markguitar

    Super Curly 60th Annv. R9!!

    2019 60th Anv. R9 in Golden Poppy Burst with a "Handpicked" maple top that's covered in curly flame! Just listed on my site. I've had this guitar tucked away and used it for my MGL Facebook profile picture. Now listed on my site and more pictures as soon as I get some sun.
  18. markguitar

    2020 VOS Iced Tea R9

    Just in, 2020 '59 reissue in VOS Iced Tea finish with a strong curly maple top. More pictures and info listed on my site, Item #566.
  19. markguitar

    NEW MGL50 High Gain Amp Release

    Just released today, the new MGL50 high gain amp head, a tribute to the great modded Marshall tones of the '80's. Built in-house. Single channel 50w master volume amp, three 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of EL34's. All details are listed on my site. MGL AmpWorks YouTube page
  20. markguitar

    Slow Iced Tea 60th R9

    Just got this beauty in! Slow Iced Tea Fade with a wide and curly top that looks like fire. Lightweight at 8 lbs 3 ounces. No pickguard installed but I laid one on it in some pictures, looks great both ways. Now listed on my site.

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