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  1. zorglub!

    Happy new/vintage year to everyone!

    Wish you all the best for the new year!
  2. zorglub!

    NEW site with NEW features!

    The new site is now LIVE!!! After 10 years the site has grown and evolved so much, that it really deserved to be refreshed. With almost 9,000 photos classified per serial number, and 6 millions hits per year, the new platform allows for brand new features like: Much...
  3. zorglub!

    Buckcherry's Keith Nelson playing my goldtop conversion

    This week Buckcherry played in Madrid (Spain) with Skid Row and Buffalo Summer, so it was a great opportunity for me to personally meet their guitar players Keith Nelson and Stevey Dacanay. I had already exchanged e-mails with Keith in the last years because of his passion for vintage guitars...
  4. zorglub!

    '53 Goldtop conversion

    This is my favourite Les Paul, '53 conversion by Mirabella. Because of the way it looks you might think it has gone through a rough life... so I am taking good care of it. This mutt needs love!
  5. zorglub!

    Please help supporting HLPDB

    Ain't it great to check those beautiful maple tops at What a fantastic idea that everybody can upload their own pictures of their own guitars, and enjoy viewing killer guitars from friends. As you can imagine, Bernard has put a lot of effort into building and maintaining...
  6. zorglub! - Fresh Look

    Guys, we have been working on a new web design for, so that it is more flexible and includes new features that I had wanted to include for a long time, like: Much BIGGER pictures Bigger thumbnails Videos section And most importantly with this new design it will be much...
  7. zorglub!

    Hi everybody

    Just wanted to check "the other forum"... :slash:

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