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  1. markguitar

    Current (2022) PAF prices

    Making a blanket statement like that is very false info. A2’s and A4’s were both used thru the PAF period but mostly A2’s. Some late ‘60 PAF’s did in fact have short A5’s. I had a set of zebra PAF’s that had original covers still on so undisturbed, and they had A5’s. I’m not a winder or claim...
  2. markguitar

    Current (2022) PAF prices

    Short A5 magnets are part of the T-top sound that some people like with the brighter and more aggressive sound. More people buying PAF’s are looking for the sweeter tone of the long A2 magnets.
  3. markguitar

    Anyone here have a 2013 +/- R9 that has faded at all?

    Aniline cherry dye has been used in the pore filler for the Mahogany since 1999, so did not start in 2013. Over the years there has been different concentrations used so some years have more extreme binding bleed.
  4. markguitar

    Dave Johnson Green - Moore Burst Replica

    Full listing for this now up on my site and the guitar is available.
  5. markguitar

    is gibbo still using the legendary carmelita carve for necks on R9's?

    Yes. Neck and top carve have not changed since late 2017 when the Carmelita scans were used.
  6. markguitar

    TruVintage Replica Knobs in Stock!

    Thanks Sean!
  7. markguitar

    TruVintage Replica Knobs in Stock!

    From my TruVintage parts line, plenty of replica knobs in stock! Details and pricing on my site.
  8. markguitar

    Dave Johnson Green - Moore Burst Replica

    Sneak peek at the Dave Johnson Green - Moore Bursrt replica we did back in 2009 using a 2001 R8. Complete with the same display set-up and Anvil case that has been used for the original guitar. Guitar has been in Frank Pine's collection since but will be listed for sale on my site soon. More...
  9. markguitar

    New MGL T-shirts just in!!

    All good and thanks for the feedback!
  10. markguitar

    New MGL T-shirts just in!!

    Sorry if it doesn’t fit well. I’ll send an XL if you like. I’ve sold about 20 so far and no other feedback of fit issues. I’ve been wearing a few that have been washed a number of times and they fit fine. Always possible that one was marked the wrong size.
  11. markguitar

    New MGL T-shirts just in!!

    Just received the new MGL T-shirts in! Nice quality Gildan “Ultra Cotton” shirts with full color digital printing. Available in black and grey. $28.00 with free USPS shipping within the US. Please email or call to purchase.
  12. markguitar

    1959 Les Paul Reissue Finish Options

    No, this is not at all accurate. There are only a few stock “core” colors each year. But many other colors offered for custom runs by dealers of “Made to Measure” orders.
  13. markguitar

    ML Goldtop, painted control cavity?

    Your guitar back color is not near as dark as the dark chocolate brown used on current dark back reissues. You almost can’t see thru many of the current ones. There’s no way to rub pore filler into the Mahogany and get it that dark. I’m not talking about brown in the final coats of clear that go...
  14. markguitar

    Goldtops center seamed?

    Gibson only buys 2-piece maple tops and most of them are already glued up.
  15. markguitar

    ML Goldtop, painted control cavity?

    Not at all unusual on a dark back. There is brown added to the clear coats to get the dark brown color. So that would easily be sprayed into the control cavity.
  16. markguitar

    1963 Gibson ES335....vintage clean!

    Nice guitar! Quick observations. Guitar has been re-fretted and the nut has been shimmed to raise it for the taller frets.
  17. markguitar


    Color looks like “Tri-Burst” which was available that year.
  18. markguitar

    NGD! 2006 R9

    Great looking guitar, congrats! My guess on color would be Sunrise Teaburst. Iced Tea finish back then was very brown looking. Your guitar looks to have a little red in the burst.
  19. markguitar

    NGD: 2021 R8 did I get a 3 piece top?

    Bottom line, Gibson maple tops arrive already glued up and they are all 2-piece tops. They do not purchase or have 3-piece tops.
  20. markguitar

    Gibson Les Paul Reissue Case

    The case is darker in color and shiny because it’s sprayed with lacquer like the originals. Older cases were not, so they have a little lighter look.

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