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  1. mfolet

    SOLS TEYE Emperor Azteca TQ Bedouine

    SOLD/ 2020 TEYE Emperor series Azteca Turquoise 2PU Bedouine inlaid Neck ,COA and Hardshell case $5850 pp/shipped CONUS. Korina body and neck with maple cap.Ebony fretboard with Bodouine inlays. Aluminum plates with Aztec design . 8.11 lbs Shallow D, 24 fret korina/ebony neck .850" 1st fret...
  2. mfolet

    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    Yes Im back and this is my first 1960 reissue.This one spoke to me and I couldn't be happier.Thanks Curt at the HOG for making this happen.
  3. mfolet

    SOLD EBMM JP15 Quilt/ Birdseye

    FS;2017 Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve JP15 Quilt Sahara Burst.Birds eye roast maple neck w/OHSC,COA and case candy. SOLD /shipped CONUS Neck .7520" first fret and .8255" 12th No fret wear.No dings or scratches.No 9 v battery . 8lbs even More pics here...
  4. mfolet

    SOLD ,Burstbucker 2 and 3,Duncan Phat Cat and Tele Pickups

    FS Seymour Duncan Tele set STL 2 and STR 2 SOLD $ 60 pp/shipped CONUS Gibson Burstbucker 2 and 3 set,long leads no hardware SOLD $140 pp/shipped CONUS Seymour Duncan Phat Cat p90 Bridge reliced no hardware SOLD $40 pp/shipped CONUS PM me or email me at [email protected]
  5. mfolet

    FS 2020 Slash Les Paul USA

    For Sale 2020 USA Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature AFD Amber w OHSC $2300 pp/shipped CONUS. PM me or email at [email protected] more photos here
  6. mfolet

    NGD 2020 Slash

    Thanks to the HOG for helping me score this killer Slash Appetite Amber Les Paul. The custom buckers in this sound awesome.Good job Gibson on this one.
  7. mfolet

    SOLD 2019 Music Man JP15 BFR

    For sale: 2019 Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 Ball Family Reserve,COA and OHSC. SOLD pp/shipped CONUS Thin super flamed roasted maple neck .689" 1st fret and .797' at 12th fret. weight 7.2lbs. PM me or email at [email protected] More pics here
  8. mfolet

    FS: Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers

    FS Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers,No hardware or boxes. $130 pair pp/shipped CONUS PM or emailme at m[email protected]
  9. mfolet

    SOLD 2007 Bill Nash Stratocaster S-62 relic

    This is a early production Bill Nash S-62 relic Stratocaster with original soft case. $SOLD pp/shipped CONUS. June 2008 production,Alder body 3 tone sunburst Nitro Relic Lollar pickups. more pics here you can PM me here or email me at [email protected]
  10. mfolet

    SOLD 2007 CR8

    FS 2007 Les Paul CR8 with COA,tags and OHSC $2600 pp/shipped CONUS. 7.7lbs ,has a good amount of wear as it was a road dog.Has been refret at one point so no nibbs.Plays and sounds great. more fotos here You can PM me or email me at [email protected]
  11. mfolet

    2020 R9s are in.

    Just seen a bunch of 2020 R9s that came in this week at The House of Guitars.They have some changes from last year.True Historic color on the backs and The Gibson Logo looks a little different.Here is a peek. Looks like a good year.
  12. mfolet

    FS:2019 R9 60th Anni Aged

    FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul R9 aged 60th Anniversary,OHSC aged,COA,tags and factory box $4400 pp/shipped CONUS. pM me here or email at [email protected] Royal Tea Burst.
  13. mfolet

    NGD Jimmy Page Dragon Tele

    I'm on cloud 9 with this.Thanks Curt at the HOG.The neck and pickups are killer!!!!!!!!
  14. mfolet

    SOLD: 2018 Tom Murphy Painted and Aged R9

    FS: 2018 Les Paul R9 Tom Murphy Painted and Aged,Aged OHSC,COA,Tags and original Factory box SOLD THANKS $5950 pp/shipped CONUS Pm me or email at [email protected] Some specs. 8lbs 4.27 oz (3.75Kg) Neck .8755" at 1st fret and 1.0020" at 12th. Neck is rolled.
  15. mfolet

    NGD:60th Anni R9 Aged

    Thank You Curt at House of Guitars for this beauty. Stunning top and color but the tone is king on this one.Hands down the best neck pup I have heard on a reissue.The bridge delivers as well. I took a quick snap of it.
  16. mfolet

    FS 2019 Les Paul 60th anni R9

    FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary R9 VOS Slow Ice Tea Fade,8.2lbs ,OHSC,COA,Tags and factory box SOLD $4350 pp/shipped CONUS. Neck meas. .854" 1st fret and .987" 12th. PM me or email [email protected] More pics here
  17. mfolet

    NGD: 60th Anni R9

    Well finally found one that checked all the boxes.Thank you Curt from The House of Guitars and Wayne from the Custom Shop for finding this gem for my 60th birthday. 8lbs and 4 oz of pure tone goodness and looks to boot.
  18. mfolet

    FS:2018 Les Paul R7 Goldtop M2M Aged

    FS 2018 Les Paul R7 Goldtop made to Measure,Aged. COA,tags,Aged OHSC ,original factory box 7lb 15oz $3250 pp/shipped CONUS pm me or email at [email protected]
  19. mfolet


  20. mfolet

    SOLD:1994 Soldano Hot Rod 5o Head

    For sale 1994 Soldano Hot Rod 50 some scuffs,sounds great SOLD $1050 pp/shipped CONUS PM me or email at [email protected]

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