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  1. StratGT

    NAD - Fender Mustang iii V2

    I decided to sell my little Vox VT20+ in search of a better sounding and louder SS search was over after trying this new Fender Mustang 3 V2 (version two). Damm this thing sounds good and with 100w through a 12 inch Celestion G12T-100 speaker it provides a very realistic sound of the...
  2. StratGT

    Super Vee Tremolo on my Strat...Review

    As a Strat player (mostly) and out right enormous fan of the Strat I decided to install the Bladerunner on my US Strat really well. My Strat rings better and is clearly louder. Since it bolts directly to the body there is added sustain and note clarity. My Strat is the two post...
  3. StratGT

    NGD - Larrivee L-03 Acoustic

    Hello, just got this guitar from a local guitar store here in the deal of a lifetime. The guy had it and wanted a Taylor so he traded this amazing guitar in (less than a year old). Not a scratch, not even a pick scrape on the pickguard. IMO, the Larrivee sounded better than...
  4. StratGT

    NG'sD: G&L's

    Purchased a couple of G&L's....great guitars.
  5. StratGT

    PRS...Are they the Best?? the quality but hated the tone and the price. That was my initial impression when I played them back in the early 90's. Initial impressions mean allot to me so I've been reluctant to give them a 2nd chance. Yesterday, after reading and researching the comments about today's PRS...
  6. StratGT

    Finally got a LP...hello from Mississauga

    Hello; I like to say hello to everyone and let the community here know that I previously searched this website in the past which helped me make the decision to purchase a Les Paul. Great information here..thank you everyone. Today I finally purchased a brand new cherry red Les Paul...

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