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    My guitar speaks to me!

    1. Nice R9. 2. I think I want some of what you're drinking or smoking. "The voices" sounds awesome... I'm afraid I don't know anything about where they might be coming from, except that my ES 335 does what sounds like the same thing, and it also stops when I put a finger on the pickup...
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    how to make a decision?

    Following on the Colonel Grainger story above. Years ago I asked my girlfriend at the time "How do you make really hard decisions?" She said "It's easy, you just toss a coin." She went on to say, you'll immediately know if the one it lands on is the wrong decision, and then you just do the...
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    Air Mattresses any Good?

    I have been through five or six of those Walmart $30-40 air mattresses, but they always spring a leak after a few uses and then you have to go buy another one, and it's always inconvenient. The last time I had enough guests to need the air mattress I went to REI and bought one for $150. Then...
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    Knee to me.

    My Dad had both knees done - one at 75, the other at 90. The first one recovered to full mobility (even with him doing only about 20-30% of the assigned PT exercises.) The second one, done at age 90, still hasn't recovered and now he's 92. The lady that teaches my daughter had her knee...
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    Knee Brace for a Dog to Help with ACL Tears

    My dog had that same thing - 80 pound Lab/Am Staf mix. The Doc wanted to do a knee replacement for about $6K. I thought, "No, let's get a brace." So we got a custom brace (I think it was $850.) It didn't work at all: she could not tolerate having that thing on her! Eventually I got a "Help...
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    First time I've seen one flying

    I saw the B-29 too! Before the pandemic we used to see old planes over Seattle every summer, but I never did figure out why. Maybe something to do with the completely awesome Museum of Flight at King County Airport which is also known as Boeing Field. I used to see a B24 Liberator every year...
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    Florance Voodoo PAF set

    I sent you a direct message
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    What happened to Ashley Judd?

    Remember the woman that was in the “naked space alien who was super hot movie?” I can't remember what it was called. 25 years later she no longer looks anything like that. She looks like a pretty attractive 50 year old woman but, you know, kind of heavier. Anyway, she said that how she looked...
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    What year is your favorite Historic?

    Regarding the layered board controversy on the 2012 R Models, and in terms of the contention (by Gibson) that this guitar is a clone of a 1958/9/0: obviously if the board is layered, it's not a clone of a 1959. Yes, there are other small things that aren't clone-like such as non-hide glue, etc...
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    What year is your favorite Historic?

    I own a 2012 R9 and a 2017 R0. I've been debating which one I like better over the course of the pandemic. Of course I only played them at home, through my Spark amp, using headphones for a solid year and a half. The last several months I have had the opportunity to play them with my band, at...
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    Okay need some advice please

    From what I can tell the difference between the R8 and the R9, in terms of playability, are that the R8 may have a slightly thicker neck (although some come with a 59 neck) and the R8 may have thinner frets.
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    Witnessed an accident today and I'd like to talk about it

    That seems like about the same level of foulness. I mean, why would you even do that?
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    Witnessed an accident today and I'd like to talk about it

    There was a book that came out about twenty years ago about how to cook things, while driving, by wrapping them in foil and sticking them on the exhaust manifold. The book was called "Manifold Destiny."
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    Any home remedies?

    I used to take antibiotics for sinus infections, until I discovered this (admittedly kind of extreme) method. As far as I was concerned the problem with antibiotics was I had to wait to get a doctor's appointment, and that meant days of suffering before I could get the antibiotics. Once I...
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    Schaller's new s-locks are the best there is

    The only issueI have encountered with Schallers is that the mounting screw can come loose. If you don’t notice, obviously you could have a problem. I resolved the issue by putting a piece of toothpick and some wood glue in the screw hole.
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    Any home remedies?

    I used to get sinus infections (weird orange mucus...) regularly. My neighbor told me to try this folk remedy: Trigger warning: It is super gross! You take a shot glass, fill it with warm (not hot) water, and then saturate it with salt. Here's the gross part: you then snort it - just like you...
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    What I have learned about pedals.

    For me, getting a spark amp as a practice tool was the best thing that has happened to my guitar playing in decades.
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    What’s your tolerance for being late?

    I used to be late for everything. One day I was late to meet my girlfriend at the time, and she was super nice about it, and sat me down and said “Look when you’re late you are stealing time from me.” For some reason I really got that, and ever since then I am always on time. That was about...
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    NGD 2011 R0

    My original thought in buying the R0 was I kind of wanted a smaller neck than the R9. I thought I would sell whichever one I liked least. But after playing the R0 for the last two years, I never could decide which I liked better, that is, I basically like both of them. So I kept them both!
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    NGD 2011 R0

    That's a nice one. I also bought an R0 (2017) to complement my R9 (2012.) The R9 definitely has a bigger neck, but in the end I decided I like them both (R0: 0.83"/1st fret, R9: 0.90/1st Fret.) My R9 has BurstBuckers and the R0 has Custombuckers. I thought I liked the BBs better, as they...

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