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  1. DHBucker

    Been Away

  2. DHBucker

    Been Away

  3. DHBucker

    Been Away

    Well, I'm not about the BS I'm leaving and all that, so how could you know? Anyway, things are getting betting for now at least, aaaaannnd Lt. Dave is sending me a custom made Strat neck and he solved several issues with an old "Strat-like" body I had. It's old, dry, and light so I'm hoping it...
  4. DHBucker

    Been Away

    Thanks man!
  5. DHBucker

    Been Away

    no peyote was smoked or injested. However I smoked some fine cigars on vacation with the family. I'm hoping it isn't my mother in laws last.
  6. DHBucker

    Been Away

    I've been busy being a dad and other stuff. my oldest just graduated HS and we're prepping for college and then... My mother in law has been battling cancer for a long time and I've been helping my wife cope and trying to keep things on the rails. I did indeed miss the forum. Been on social...
  7. DHBucker

    Been Away

    Hello folks! I've been away on walkabout. How the heck are you?
  8. DHBucker

    Scantily Clad/ dressed Music BUSINESS

    Mick Taylor used to get pissed at Keith because he was out of tune. I do have to say that even with the Stones' warts that their rock and roll is still great to me. Rock and Roll is supposed to be gritty, off center, and well.... Jacked up. The Stones themselves made no bones about it...
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  11. DHBucker

    Cliff Williams to retire from AC/DC

    Lynyrd Skynyrd has Gary......... Maybe AC/DC and Skynyrd could do a duel threat tour and realize they need to just enjoy what they accomplished and realize it's time to go fishing...
  12. DHBucker

    **** Happy Retirement to me****

  13. DHBucker

    Ever had a facial?

    Mushroom print to the forehead?
  14. DHBucker

    Ever had a facial?

    Only if... Never mind..... Lip is now zipped.
  15. DHBucker

    Warmoth neck on a strat

    Lt. Dave is making me a neck. PM him...
  16. DHBucker

    Not my self today

    Injections.... Hang in there Kevin
  17. DHBucker

    We are in the Pot business..

    You forgot to mention and have hot dates with the girls. I swear they needed a crash helmet when I was toking.. Made me like the energizer rabbit... Ah good times... Now I'm responsible... And realize how great that time was.
  18. DHBucker

    You just don't understand Glam

    He's a little mofo ain't he?
  19. DHBucker

    Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks?

    Sign yo' name on the runny kind!
  20. DHBucker

    Your daily Gorn

    Have you ever GORNED a woman, so much you tremble in pain?

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