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  1. Dilemma

    The Ace of Spades.

    Bored photographer is bored. Don't judge. :laugh2:
  2. Dilemma

    National Motorcycle Museum

    I rode down to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa today. If you're a motorcycle type you could spend all day in this place. It's incredible. 650 miles later, here's just a few pics. Nothing in the building was as cool as the Vincent. Except the Captain.
  3. Dilemma

    Hay TheX

    I was window shopping yesterday. These are a couple sexy beasts.
  4. Dilemma

    Unofficial Endorsement from a Nobody.

    If you're ever in the market for a new guitar, be sure to give Ernie Ball Music Man a look. I purchased this Luke III a few months ago and can't say enough about it. Think PRS quality only great tone. (Nothing against PRS but I never could get either of mine to sound good)
  5. Dilemma


    Why do I live here?
  6. Dilemma

    Anyone Wanna Come Visit?

    Temps in my general area this morning.
  7. Dilemma

    America F Yeah!

  8. Dilemma

    Fezziwig, I Bought a Fuzz you JERK

    :rofl: :rofl: All this fuzzspeak finally wore me down. ps; the 'song' isn't a song it's just, I dunno, an idea of sorts. Probably could see where it goes but like normal I'd hit a wall, get all mad and just go shoot birds. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::mad2:
  9. Dilemma

    Random Stuff.

  10. Dilemma

    Why Do Guitar Players Like Les Pauls?

    One of my favorite YT'ers.
  11. Dilemma

    NOT a Bald Eagle

    Claws be out!
  12. Dilemma

    Eagles and Riots

    All my nests survived the riots and tear gas. One I was particularly concerned about as it has chicks that haven't fledged yet.
  13. Dilemma

    Season 2 - Formula 1: Drive to Survive

    Just finished season two. Not as good as season one but OK regardless. Christian Horner is still a dick. (Ginger Spice is aging well however) Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner is a riot. Max Verstappen needs his ass soundly kicked. Toto Wolff telling his Mercedes team “We must crush...
  14. Dilemma

    How Do They All Fit?

    Barred Owlettes emerging from their nest.
  15. Dilemma

    Some Recent Shots.

    Female Cardinal in my back yard, a couple from the Heron Rookery, a Pelican squadron, and yes, Eagles.
  16. Dilemma

    A Few from the Weekend.

  17. Dilemma

    So I Wanna Learn

    My recent marital status has given me some time to tackle a new thing or two. One of which is video. My camera is capable of recording 4K yet I've never flipped the switch and actually given it a try until recently. Two of these photos are just that. photographs. The third is one frame from a 4K...
  18. Dilemma

    FS: 2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB.

    2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB. Body: Top Wood: Carved Mahogany. Back Wood: Solid Mahogany. Binding: Multi-ply white/black on top and back. Neck: Neck construction: 1-piece Mahogany with long tendon. Fingerboard Wood: 22 fret Ebony. Inlay: Pearl Block. Pickups: BurstBuckers. Condition is...
  19. Dilemma

    Happy Happy New Year!

    2019 sucked Donkey Dick. Let's try 2020.
  20. Dilemma

    It Was -8°F Here in Minnesota

    Screw those birds. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

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