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  1. jam81

    Anyone suffer from “Golfers Elbow” and not from golfing.

    I did a couple of years ago, I was also playing a couple of hours a day and lifting weights daily, I bought this and used it a couple of times a day and it went away after a few weeks.
  2. jam81

    Anyone Use Strap Locks on Historics

    I got mine aged from
  3. jam81

    Pitchfork Destroyed Greta Van Fleet’s New Album

    I gotta say, I loved GVF's demo songs and the first single for the new album, I was really excited bout this new album but gave it a listen a couple days ago and I was very disappointing, I was expecting an in your face classic rock style album like the demo songs but I did not like what I...
  4. jam81

    The New Gibson CEO is...

    I still don't understand why people are hoping for prices to all of the sudden drop, that is never going to happen with this or any other CEO, want a cheaper gibson? get an Epiphone. Gibson won't start cannibalizing their epi business just because. If anything, I see them raising the prices...
  5. jam81

    Built-In Attenuators Vs External Attenuators

    I have the UA OX and it is worth every penny. Perfect for silent recording and to attenuate a tube amp without tone loss.
  6. jam81

    YouTube Instructional Video Rant

    Chris Zoupa is probably one of my favorite YT creators, short and accurate videos and he plays the solos first, his improv videos are also very tasty.
  7. jam81

    9s on a LP

    These are supposed to be unbreakable but for the price, and assuming they don't break, won't you need to change them often? I play daily and used the Hybrids and I change them every 2 months or so as soon as they start to sound dead, I never break a string so what is the advantage of these...
  8. jam81

    This heat...ugh...

    I am in Chicago so after enduring winter, I live for these hot days, I would not mind 3 full months of 100F. Pool, Drinks and BBQs, that is the life right there!
  9. jam81

    Worst music of the 90s.

    I gotta say, I liked Nirvana when it first came out but I can't stand them anymore, really really bad music IMO.
  10. jam81

    2018 R7 w/Brazilian

    I was on the same boat when I got my R9 Braz but got mine from CME for about 3K less than what WW was asking, I don't mind the serial starting with a CME anymore.
  11. jam81

    Worst music of the 90s.

    Maybe because I was a teenager in the 90s but I think it was a fine decade in music, right there with the 70s and 80s IMHO. anything after that though.......... with a few exceptions of course.
  12. jam81

    Your favorite attenuator

    I can't speak of the other options as I have never tried them but I own an OX and it is worth every penny, no tone loss whatsoever and the silent recording options are a plus.
  13. jam81

    Beware of Scammer

    I don't think he could have "filled a harassment report" on you since you were technically doing business with him and getting zero responses.
  14. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    about two months ago
  15. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    I did use 3 different tuners, the included robo tuners in the guitar, a clip on tuner and a Korg tuner as well. I have not tried changing the strings or seeing if the issue is audible when unplugged, I will definitely give those a shot. Thanks!
  16. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    Honestly I couldn't tell you, it is a 2016 Les Paul Standard HP. it hasn't happened in previous summers, this is the first time it happens with that guitar. I haven't change the action or anything at all for it to make a difference.
  17. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    What else could it be? I was thinking about taking it to a luthier but I wanted to get some opinion here first in case it is a simple fix.
  18. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    I used Ernie ball's 9 hybirds. action is low.
  19. jam81

    Guitar tuning / intonation issues

    Hi Guys, I have a question for you guys, so ever since the weather got warmer (in Chicago) my LP standard has had some issues particularly when I play a power chord on the 5th and 6th string in the 12th fret, it just sounds way off and out of tune, the guitar is tuned and the intonation is good...
  20. jam81

    Anyone playing at their company's annual employee party?

    What's the setlist?

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