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  1. BadMongo

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    I have seen guitars from ESP Guitar Craft Academy show up on auctions before. Could be a student project?
  2. BadMongo

    Anyone else play their Teles more than their Les Pauls?

    These days I often do, yes. Partially because my Tele is still my newest, and partially because I put it together to fulfill the "beater" role. I don't abuse it by any stretch, but it's my usual go-to for plunking around in front of the TV or during dull Zoom meetings.
  3. BadMongo

    Looks like a MIK Greco to me...

    I'd be inclined to think MIK (nut and I think logo although admittedly am still learning to spot that one). Looks like someone swapped the tailpiece bushings when they threw those tuners on upside down, so yeah I'd think that's pretty deliberate obfuscation.
  4. BadMongo

    WTB/TF: OX attenuator

    Not looking to part ways with mine, but I'll tell you that it was some of the best money I've ever spent.
  5. BadMongo

    Good price for FGN History Dignity GH-LCV?

    Closest I can offer on that front was from the gentleman who tried it out while he was over to buy an old Greco I had, apparently his Murphy lab was in the process of getting repaired (or possibly replaced) during the finish fiasco, and he seemed pretty impressed.
  6. BadMongo

    Good price for FGN History Dignity GH-LCV?

    My History is my favorite guitar, and it's not even close. No high end Gibsons in the collection or other high(er) end MIJ, so grain of salt.
  7. BadMongo

    Stripping magnetic wire

    600 grit sandpaper, hold the wire gently between your thumb and the paper, wipe it a few times until it looks like shiny copper. Light touch and you'll get a feel for it. I believe you can just burn off poly, but I always mechanically remove the coating because I've only done PE and heavy formvar.
  8. BadMongo

    1978 Greco Les paul; Looking for some Info

    Around '77-78 the chambered ones get harder to figure out from the catalogs. EG-450/480/500 all very similar, but pickups and tuners can be good indicators. Looks almost identical to one I had that I'd guessed was a '77 EG-480. Multi-piece mahogany body, three piece maple neck, hollow/chambered...
  9. BadMongo

    Best LP Custom for under $2000 used

    Just went up in the classifieds, may or may not fit your criteria but mighty clean:
  10. BadMongo

    What guitar do you find Hardest / Most uncomfortable to play ?

    I had a Jackson King V for awhile - neck played like absolute butter but I found impossible to play sitting down and the neck would dive when I'd play it standing up. Ended up selling it awhile back. Incidentally my one tele that I recently assembled feels great :laugh2: huge neck and I did a...
  11. BadMongo

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Bought my first MIJ LP from Yuma @ and had a great experience.
  12. BadMongo

    I May Need Some Help

    Real talk, I know we all love all our children equally, but which one is your favorite? :laugh2:
  13. BadMongo

    Vintage Repro Gibson Knobs?

    I used two sets of the gold versions of those knobs and those rings when I recently filled out my Greco SA75 that I got as a husk. I don't have a basis for comparison or the expertise to vouch for their authenticity from a vintage perspective, but they look great to me. I did have a couple small...
  14. BadMongo

    Help me ID my Greco Les Paul Custom

    I can't tell if it's chambered from the shot of the pickups, but my '80 EG-500C is solid and it's a hair under 3.5kg. Worth checking if you're not sure.
  15. BadMongo

    Phase switch on push pull, change up to down?

    I'm admittedly not a wizard with switching or anything, but when I had the same problem, I just swapped the wires going into the top pair of lugs with the wires going into the bottom set of lugs. I'd used the diagram @BadPenguin posted and I think swapping the green and black there would work as...
  16. BadMongo

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    Was wanting a tele so just put this partscaster together over the last couple weeks. Neck pocket wasn't routed deep enough so she'll need some more work to get that done and setup properly, and I might add more winds to the bridge pickup, but so far so good:
  17. BadMongo

    Les Pauls & Middle Position Preferences.

    I'm finding myself using the middle position more and more these days. I do the cocked way thing for both volumes and tones on each pickup individually, flip to the middle and usually bring the bridge volume up a tiny bit, neck volume down a tiny bit, and neck tone up a tiny bit. Delicious.
  18. BadMongo

    Need recommended PAF clones for 2022

    Holy shit man :laugh2: like speaking as someone who goes waaaaaaay down rabbit holes, I've gotta applaud that :applause:great stuff!
  19. BadMongo

    NGD - '90 Greco SA-75

    Update: she's fixed. I left the repair smooth but ugly as a good reminder not to be a dumbass in the future, but she looks like a million bucks from the front: For getting the bubble marks out, I ended up using primarily that Meguiar's #9 mirror glaze, which apparently doesn't contain any...
  20. BadMongo

    NGD - '90 Greco SA-75

    Update: I got all the bubble marks out, got it lovingly rewired with some VIPots and PIO caps and pretty gold reflector knobs, cut some nylon and delrin saddles, wound a nice sounding low wind set that ended up with an A4 in the neck and a secret-weapon bigass lipstick A6 in the bridge. Honestly...

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