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  1. Gibstrat

    Show your strat!!

    97 Strat Plus Deluxe in blue burst. Red silver blue fender lace sensors. Just picked up her sister last month. Couple of keepers.
  2. Gibstrat

    Rio Grande pickups?

    Just bought new to me tele. Has set of rio grande pups in. I believe them to be the big bottom set, muy grande bridge 8.5k, tall boy neck 7k . Anyone had any experience with these?
  3. Gibstrat

    Fender Hot Rod (Original) for sale, possible good deal?

    Have a 98 hrd usa. Needs some love. Doing the filter caps and the mullard swap seems like the direction i am going in. Swapped the 70/80 from extension cab to the amp and the emi gold in ext. Tone Changed for the good. Love the amp, but its time for some maintenance. Thanks for the guidance.
  4. Gibstrat

    NAD 1973 Silverface Fender Twin Reverb

    Yeah John is great guy to deal with. Wish i didn't live across the country, I'd have him tweak my amps to get what I want out of them.
  5. Gibstrat

    NAD 1973 Silverface Fender Twin Reverb

    Nau is the best. Did work for me 20 years ago. Honest, meticulous, and an absolute master. You will get the absolute best out of your fender. You brought it to the right guy.
  6. Gibstrat

    335 Pro through new amp

    Just ran into a smoking deal on a 2014 MX 212a Vertical cab to stack the DSL15h on. 220.00 out the door delivered from GC. Stoked. With the used Dsl15h at 340.00, a total of 560.00 for a low budget 1/4 stack for practice fun. Hell Yeah. The wife shakes her head, A little excessive don't ya...
  7. Gibstrat

    335 Pro through new amp

    Yeah Tazz, maybe you don't have the "real amp " you'd like to have at this point in time , but you sure have your ducks in a row with those excellent LP's. Fine selection you have there.
  8. Gibstrat

    335 Pro through new amp

    Liking the 335 through my new Dsl15h. Using my Hrd extension cab till the mx212a cab comes in. Love the cleans and the dirt it gets. Hard to put it down. Really rich and full at low volumes. Thick and meaty when cranked. Excellent bang for the buck.
  9. Gibstrat

    More crunch dsl15h?

    Is there a way to get more crunch out of the clean channel at low volume on this head? Tube swap?
  10. Gibstrat

    Attenuator or new amp?

    Sounds like where i was at for a long time. Tried several ways to tame an amp that is either off or stupid loud. Tried cheap attenuator. Wasn't acceptable. A decent attenuator was too close to the price of an amp. Like you i didn't need one. Bought a 15/7.5 watt marshall and don't regret it at...
  11. Gibstrat

    Fair Price?

    Thanks jnorm, brought it home yesterday. No footswitch but no issues at all. Like new condition. Sounds sweet and full @ 7.5 watts at low volume for practice.
  12. Gibstrat

    NGD Soon - Epi 339 Pro

    The pickup ring for the neck pickup is very thin at the neck side. As a result, the neck pickup has an extreme slant toward the neck instead of running approximately parallel to the strings like the bridge pickup.* Had...
  13. Gibstrat

    Fair Price?

    Gotta Line For 5 Month Old Dsl15h for 320.00. Good deal?
  14. Gibstrat

    awaiting imminent arrival

    Pulling the trigger on dsl15h and mx212a cab. Will be a nice alternative to my hrd half stack for home practice.
  15. Gibstrat

    Marshall Jones

    Think I am going to pull the trigger on dsl15h and mx212a. Love the vertical 12s. Think the loss of reverb is livable. Never used the loop on my fender. Probably won't miss it on the marshall either. We'll see what deal i can pull local before going to the big box.
  16. Gibstrat

    amp feedback

    Thanks Gene, have to agree on your assessment of Hrd. Hade it since 98. Got quite a bark to it. What speaker does the dsl40c have? The absence of loop and reverb does give me pause. Going to demo the dsl15h and cab in a couple days. Would be a home practice amp for me might not miss the loop...
  17. Gibstrat

    amp feedback

    Hello all, would like feedback on an amp. I have a HRD II 98 w/ext cab l am thinking of trading for a marshall dsl15h w/mx212a cab. Will not be gigging. Lateral move? Upgrade? Downgrade?
  18. Gibstrat

    Who do you go to for a vintage wiring kit?

    I went with toneman off eBay. Open the tone up on my Lp. More usable range on volume and tone not as dark. Very happy with the quality and price.
  19. Gibstrat

    difference between classic pros and p90s

    Have 13 335 pro with stock alnico 5s. Hearing the love for p90s. Not sure as to the difference between them never having played a p90 guitar?
  20. Gibstrat

    NGD - ES 335 Pro

    Ya black is smokin.

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