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  1. plainburst

    Best repro nickel PU covers?

    Bareknuckle/OTPG are the closest I've seen, followed by Throbak and WIzz.
  2. plainburst

    Closest Peter Green LP

    16 min mark you will see Phil play the Terry pg guitar (the one that resembles how it would have looked pre Gary Moore? ). Not my recording though. I was at this show and was chatting to Phil about the guitars. They had his prototype monty pickups in if my memory serves.
  3. plainburst

    Confusion over 2018 R8

    Pretty sure that is a 2017, as I have one that is close in serial. Second #7 digit denotes this. First 8 = 58 reissue. 2017 Historics were simply known as 'LP Standard' with plainer 58 tops (although some had mild flame) and flamier 59 & 60s with reflector knobs. I also believe all 2017...
  4. plainburst

    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    I'm still heartbroken. A genius and a gentle soul. Thinking of his family
  5. plainburst

    After years of painstaking buying and trying, many tens of thousands of dollars spent, I've finally found the best Les Paul... and it's an R8!

    Great read. I have been on a similar story (minus vintage). It certainly helps that Gibson have upped their game over the last 10 or so years. There was a far greater disparity between gibson's and high end replicas back when I first entered the boutique world (I've owned the best in the...
  6. plainburst

    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    I am devastated. We shared some good times. One of lifes good eggs. Will always love the guy
  7. plainburst

    FS "The Stig" 1958 Burst Build original 1959 Wiring Harness English Builder / Italian Job

    Stig's and Italian Jobs are two completely different UK -based builders. Do not get confused. Italian Jobs are superb. Never tried a Stig.
  8. plainburst

    FS: Italian Job 57 Goldtop replica - featherweight

    Description updated!
  9. plainburst

    60th anniversary 59 cherry

    Great colour on that one Ben!
  10. plainburst

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Great shots! Here's one of its brothers, which is currently for sale
  11. plainburst

    FS: Italian Job 57 Goldtop replica - featherweight

    bump.. make me an offer!
  12. plainburst

    FS: Italian Job 57 Goldtop replica - featherweight

    Bump. I've had several enquires but no bites. You can learn more about these legendary clones here. Completely different animals to Brazilian historics. Questions invited.
  13. plainburst

    FS: Italian Job 57 Goldtop replica - featherweight

    Chichester, West Sussex. If you are nearby you are more than welcome to try. Just shoot me a pm. Cheers

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