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  1. copperheadroad

    70's T-Top 101 For Dummies

    Out of the 2 different T-top winds that are common .I do find one sounds thin . & the later ones have a thicker wind which i like ... older is not always better .
  2. copperheadroad

    dimarzio super distortion in neck ?

    I just don't like any pickup with the SD pole screws in the neck humbucker .it sounds too bright & not enough body . just remember the paf pro has double allen head pole screws that are different the the hex set screws in the SD . Having a screw with a keeper bar sounds way more musical &...
  3. copperheadroad

    Out of phase - has the magnet been flipped?

    Also do you own a compass ?
  4. copperheadroad

    Out of phase - has the magnet been flipped?

    Neck or Bridge is irrelevant . the will be wound & assembled exactly the same ,as the neck pickup being flipped (screw poles towards the neck) matters not . follow the Gibson color code . with that said if the...
  5. copperheadroad

    Tell me about the Super Distortion humbucker

    a SD is no more overwound than some of the hot paf style pickups being in the high 8-9k range . It uses a smaller wire so it's almost 14k & stays bright . plus the double allen head set screws add punch to the mixture .
  6. copperheadroad

    Friedman pickups

    No but there model names has kind of copied more than one of our pickups , keep in mind we have been making pickups for `over 20 years & most of our pickups predates the Friedman Amp name let alone the pickup brand .
  7. copperheadroad

    I was given a Gibson T-Top humbucker today. I have questions...

    In regards to split humbuckers the Dirty Fingers can sound quite good when split ,I suggest getting the 4 conductor wire option from who ever repairs it .
  8. copperheadroad

    Muddy and Dark P90s

    The Modern Gibson P-90's may need to be tweaked in design (I find the neck a little muddy & the Bridge a little too relaxed) as is rewiring the guitar with 50's wiring will brighten up the guitar a little . .The stock bobbins are soft so they wind them soft to prevent any flare . 50's...
  9. copperheadroad

    Dirty Fingers Alternatives

    Screw pole coils are not so bright as the slug coil .I'm certain that ,in certain cases it gives you a little sweeter tone when compared to the traditional screw/slug combination
  10. copperheadroad

    P90s - Mojotone vs Gibson vs...?

    I have rewound the stock pickups that was in my R6 with our own Blues Dog Specs . as well as a dozen other modern p-90's which the bobbins were quite soft . compared to our winds those were very laid back relaxed sounding .
  11. copperheadroad

    Dirty Fingers Alternatives

    I have repaired a dozen of these from the 70-80's in the last year or 2 .I will say they are usually in the 17k range . Always with the same T-top winding pattern . 7000 turns tri magnet no keeper thing going on .
  12. copperheadroad

    Are these p90s legitimate 70s-80s? Please advise

    To the OP , those pickups look like they were made in the last 20 years by Gibson . not vintage late 60's -70's .
  13. copperheadroad

    Tell me about the Super Distortion humbucker

    the SD Has about the same number of turns of wire as some of the hot PAF style humbuckers .about 6000 turns or slightly less . but wound with 44 gauge wire makes it a great medium output with good clarity for rock tones ,
  14. copperheadroad

    Anyone have info on Gibson 498t pickups?

    Maybe here on the stew mac site. says 9k
  15. copperheadroad

    Anyone have a Schematic of Gibson's Circuit Board

    Yep they wired differently & neck & bridge pickup follow different color codes's true
  16. copperheadroad

    Anyone have info on Gibson 498t pickups?

    I did have one in one of the shop les paul which is a 2016 studio ,we removed it . I did take some readings , it was over 13k & Alnico 5 magnet . I thought it was a pickup better oriented for rock & heavy tones as it had a very sharp top end .
  17. copperheadroad

    Are Gibson 57's really better ?

    The 57's are a little mushy sounding in the neck of a les paul . But passable in the neck of a SG .
  18. copperheadroad

    Can You Tell Vintage PAF Pole Screws From Fakes?

    Most of the Modern screws have a thicker head than real 1950's screws ,EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  19. copperheadroad

    New Gibson calibrated t-type humbuckers, any thoughts?

    I've never heard of it .
  20. copperheadroad

    Has anyone ever opened a Nickel Covered Mojotone 59 Clone?

    Hows your soldering skills ? cold solder joints ?

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