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  1. Andrew1225

    Can anyone confirm this is a real 60’s ABR-1?

    Hello everyone. Recently, a supposedly unused 60’s ABR-1 with untouched nylon saddles is being sold in Japan. Can anyone tell if this looks legitimate? And what is it roughly worth? Thanks.
  2. Andrew1225

    NGD First Fender! 2005 Yamano 62’ AVRI Stratocaster

    Bought my first Fender guit! 2005 Yamano AVRI 62’ Stratocaster. Got this for about 1400 USD, has all the case candy too! Lightweight at around 3.5kg, and its still pretty white colored despite how old it is. It has a few scratches on the back, and on the butt. She still has the protective film...
  3. Andrew1225

    Buying a Strat, AO vs AV/AVRI? Or wait on the new reissues..

    Hello all, I’m thinking about buying my first Fender, and I’m thinking of going the Strat route. Im going for vintage specs mostly, but I’m not sure about dishing the cash for Custom shop. I’m torn between the AO and AV/AVRI series for quite a while now, I’ve played both and to be honest...
  4. Andrew1225

    NGD Custom Shop ‘64 ES-335 Cherry

    Another NGD folks, this time a 2021 ‘64 335, the Clapton year:cool: Brief review below, but you can just skip to the pics. I gotta say, the factory set up was almost perfect right out of the box. The neck is a perfect, just a tad more meat on compared to a 61’RI but much smaller than a 59’RI...
  5. Andrew1225

    Late NGD: Freddie King ES345!

    A late show and tell folks. NGD!!! Got her at a good deal with the case candy about a month ago. She’s a 2016 Freddie King model ES-345. No.57/200 she weighs in at a light 7lbs 14oz. In almost perfect condition, the pickup covers and stoptail have wear, but it fits the look. It also has a nice...
  6. Andrew1225

    Long time lurker

    Long time lurker, mostly a Semi/Full hollow body type of guy but decided on getting a great solid body. Thought a Les Paul would be a great place to start! I’m half Canadian/Japanese working in Tokyo, lots of great guitar stores over here that some of you may know. I’m mostly self taught and...
  7. Andrew1225

    New member w/NGD-2019 R8 Sweet Cherry first historic!

    Hi people, long time lurker of this forum. Just signed up to be a part of the community:) Well, after playing Semi/Full hollow bodied guitars for most of my guitar playing days I finally bought a Solid body guitar. She’s my first historic custom shop guitar. I bought her second hand with...

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