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  1. sanders

    WTB: Heritage H-150

    Looking for Heritage H-150 in excellent condition. PM or email:[email protected] Thanks!
  2. sanders

    2007 Les Paul - Major Upgrades: PLEK, RS Kit, Grovers, Pro Set-up

    2007 Les Paul Standard in Vintage Antique Sunburst with 50's neck profile in excellent condition. Limited edition of only 400 with this finish. Upgrades: - Fretboard PLEK'd, and a pro set-up by Baltimore Luthier Phil Jacoby (more information about PLEK here...
  3. sanders

    FS: WB Firewaters

    I have a set of WB Firewater humbuckers, hand wound by Will Boggs. This set has zebra bobbins, in are in used, but excellent condition. According to Will's website, this is his favorite set. DC resistance bridge: 14.10K/braided shield + lead, Alnico V DC resistance neck: 7.83K/4 conductor +...
  4. sanders

    WB or WCR

    I know both of these guys make fabulous pickups, and there's a lot of subjective judgment that goes into preferring one over the other. I am just curious to ask those that have tried both what your final choices were? What was it that made you select one over the other in the end? Which model is...
  5. sanders

    FS: 2007 Les Paul Vintage Antique Burst AA Flame 50's neck -7.25 lbs

    EDIT: Not for sale at this time, thanks. 2007 Les Paul Standard in Vintage Sunburst with 50's neck in Excellent+ condition. Weighs slightly over 7.25 lbs on my postal scale. Comes with uncovered Gibson Classic '57 and Clasic '57 Plus pickups that came stock. Purchased new from Sweetwater in...
  6. sanders

    Looking for an LP with a fat/chunky neck .. like an R8...?

    I am looking for an LP Replica that has a really beefy neck - like an R8. I've noticed that many of the ones I've seen have the slimmer 60's type neck. I have an R8, but I am looking for a less expensive LP for gigs and backup, and I am really intriqued by what I've heard bout the quality (and...

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