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  1. copperheadroad

    Apex Tube Matching ?

    I just finish building a 2204 also know as a 50 watt JCM800 & biasing a apex matched set of JJ's el34 ,trying to bias the amp at 35mV with one bias control one tube reads 30mV & the other reads 38mV .....not much of a precise match set if you ask me .
  2. copperheadroad

    what happened to the double cream lawsuit ?

    what happened to the double cream lawsuit ?
  3. copperheadroad

    Scored an 1974 Traynor Yba-1 mark II ...mod's please !!!

    I scored this 1974 Traynor YBA-1 Mark II with the yc610 cab for $100 locally ..Now that's a gift (it's 5 months older than my wife............Shhhh) ....:):):):):):):):):):):applause: owner was asking $75 but I gave him $100 the amp is totally stock in great condition...
  4. copperheadroad

    Mooer Tender octaver -Get it while you still can

    I've heard it's a great EHX micro pog clone from China for cheap ..I've noticed the price increase in the last few months probably due to the great reviews & great comparison between it & the POG but I've heard EHX was going after Mooer 2:38 in the video...
  5. copperheadroad

    Software for combining Audio & Video

    Made a couple of gear/guitar stuff demo's with the Camera & replaced the audio of the camera with what was recorded through my Presonus audiobox through the mic' cab/sm57 & I used windows Movie maker which I think it is quite poor as the visual is quite small trying to match the sound files .so...
  6. copperheadroad

    Who uses both a SM57 & a condenser Mic

    Who uses both a SM57 & a condenser Mic at the same time ? or why one is better than the other . or is both a must . I've been using a sm57 for years & have a few old dynamic mics from the 90's but for some reason I'm kind of drawn to a condenser mic probably AT2020 OR AT2035 for...
  7. copperheadroad

    Phaez JCM tone

    I'm thinking about getting a Phaez built , something along the JCM tone .heavier than my 18 watt Trinity plexi . I've think I've narrowed it down to the Daisy cutter or the AFD or the Jube . for some reason I'm leaning towards the Jube & I'm not sure why . Which of the 3 will have the most...
  8. copperheadroad

    Look at what came stock in my 2013 sg standard

    I am the original owner of this guitar & I ordered it from one of the online stores up here in Canada I was wondering why the difference in DCR compared to the same guitar A buddy of mine has which is a 2013 SG standard his 7.8k neck/ 7.8k bridge mine 7.8 k neck 8.7k bridge . the specs...
  9. copperheadroad

    New SG nib problem

    I found a New 2013 Gibson SG standard from one of the online stores here in Canada & when playing a G Chord the high E string falls off the fretboard 3rd fret & you get a little clink sound & at times the string got snagged between the fret & the nib . It looks like the nut is cut a...
  10. copperheadroad

    2000 sg standard neck profile ?

    I looking for a used SG standard with a slimmer neck ,this guitar 2000 sg standard that I'm not able to try the guitar locally but the owner says the neck is thinner than his 2013 standard my question is did Gibson have slim necks on the standards in 2000 Most research shows they had chunky...
  11. copperheadroad

    Phase 90 with univibe mod

    I was going to sell my MXR block phase 90 as I haven't used it ,I wanted more of a univibe tone & then I found this easy Mod . Modifying the MXR Phase 90 (M-101) | I absolutely love it with some dirt . thick & chewy & very mellow , almost Zakk /black label rotovibe tones...
  12. copperheadroad

    Fender Shawbuckers

    :hmm::hmm:Tim Shaw designing a humbucker for Fender .. Thought I'd share :wave:
  13. copperheadroad

    Mustang 3 v2 presets for acoustic electric

    Love the mustang for most of my electric needs ,but tomorrow i will be testing/auditioning it with my brother in laws acoustic electric . are there any presets that will make the mustang sound more of less like acoustic amp ? . I've read that the studio preamp is the closest ......... any info...
  14. copperheadroad

    What Rat Distortion is this ?

    Any one know the circuit or who made it ... ? I can buy it local for cheap
  15. copperheadroad

    Thinking about buying a Deluxe Reverb

    I have a limited HRDLX & i'm not happy with the sound when playing humbuckers /les paul slow blues .& so I've taking a liking to what I'm hearing & seeing in youtube videos & the 65 deluxe reverb is the amp . with that said I excited about the SF 68 custom deluxe reverb have the the vintage...
  16. copperheadroad

    NMD- Tannoy Reveal 502

    I picked up a set of the Tannoy Reveal 502's . Guitarcenter had them on sale on fathers day 1/2 price $100 each :applause: they sound really good :applause:
  17. copperheadroad

    Vintage (not by my standards) Mics from the 80's

    Been doing some recording using the sm57 & just a thought I have other mic's from when I was young & full of Piss n .............Anyway I have AKG D310- I've had since the 80's ...It looks like a expensive mic ?????? high quality hear it was a good backup vocal mic ..but heard...
  18. copperheadroad

    Homemade Tape Delay

    I thought this was pretty cool :applause: Homemade Tape Delay - YouTube
  19. copperheadroad

    True bypass & LED mod for GCB-95

    I have GCB-95 rev c (the one without pcb mounted jacks) & I wanted to do the true bypass mod & add a LED & I'm not sure where to wire them on the board. I see quite a few instructions on how to do this on the newer models but not the rev c It has the same board as in this pic
  20. copperheadroad

    Tone Pots ?

    Just curious how the value of the tone pot effects the tone ,& why would need the same value as the volume control I understand how different Values (1 meg,500k,250k) effects the Volume pot ,but How does it effect your tone control ,whether your using a 500k pot or 250k pots . Will you have...

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